What's the most important thing in your life?


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The most important thing in life to me is finding a way to stick to my morals and even if I screw up, realize I've done something wrong and have the power to ask God for forgiveness.

Of course, I'm not that strong, so right now I just try to make people happy even if it diminishes what I would prefer.

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ly fen chen answered

I wish I could be happy and be peaceful to live in my life, as I have found out that life is short,difficult and sad. What about you?

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

That's easy for me ! Being with the lady I love so very much ! Took many years, but I finally found my true love and soulmate. Soon we will be together and that's the most important thing in my life! To be with my lady ! A true class act with a wonderful personality. I just love her so very much ! <3

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Lard Ass
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That's the best thing I could ever read! <3
spunky monkey
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The most important thing in my life would be my mom. She means everything to me. And Tyler you're amazing too
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Nice Girl answered

The most important thing in my life and without which I can't live is "The being of god with me", the day he stops being with me helping me giving me such a sharp mind that even in he worst times I can find my solutions myself with just spending a lil time with myself and that's what's most important to me!

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