What Does Perennial Philosophy Mean?


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Perennial philosophy basically shows the existence of universal set of truth and values. These values are generally common to all peoples and cultures. This term first existed in the 16th century. It was established by Augostino Steuco in his book entitled: De perenni philosophia libri X (1540), in which Scholastic viewpoint is seen as the Christian summit of understanding to which all other truth-seeking currents in one method or an additional point. The expression "perennial philosophy" is also seen as a paraphrase of the Hindu notion of Sanatana Dharma, the "everlasting or perennial truth, or norm".

According to the code of belief of the perpetual viewpoint, community in many cultures and eras have knowledgeable and recorded analogous perceptions about the natural history of reality, the self, the world, and the connotation and principle of existence

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