Can You Explain Dreams For Survival Theory?


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The reason the Dreams for Survival theory has interlinked dreams with survival is that, in sleep psychology, it is believed that the function of dreams serve to process information we receive on a daily basis. This allows us to decipher critical information, that is integral to our daily survival. 

Dreams are an unconscious method of reprocessing, readapting and reinterpreting important information from our waking lives, that is channelled into our conscious and unconscious mind. 

There is a purpose and meaning to every dream, and it is always interlinked with our daily lives. They usually represent our fears, concerns, doubts, uncertainties and anxieties.

Dreaming is a capacity inherited from our predecessors who did not possess the capability of processing and considering information during waking hours (due to smaller brain size), therefore this mechanism is designed as a means of processing and reprocessing such information during sleep.

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