What Does It Mean If You Dream That You Can Fly?


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'Flying' dreams are among the most common dreams that people report having but, as they can vary so much, there are many different interpretations of them.

Dreams about flying usually take the form of what we call 'lucid dreams.' This means that you're aware of the fact that you're dreaming, and sometimes you can control what happens in your dream - for example, the speed that you're flying and where you're going.

What Does It Mean If I Enjoy The Flying Experience? If flying is a pleasant experience in your dream, and you're looking around and enjoying the scenery, this could mean that you're feeling in control and on top of a situation. It could also suggest that you've risen above something and gained a new perspective on an aspect of your life.

What If I Dream Of Having Trouble Flying? Sometimes a dream about flying can actually be quite frightening, especially if you're having difficulty keeping in the air or directing yourself. Some people who practice dream interpretation would say that this symbolizes a lack of control in your life, or a fear that you're going to lose what control you do have.

You might also encounter obstacles such as trees, birds, planes or power lines. These could all represent challenges in your real life - for example, an upcoming test at school.
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Through my experience, it means you are capable of overcoming obstacles most are incapable of.  Flying signifies the ability to change a situation with focus and strategy.  Your desire to be free, live spontaneously and select your environment to land are key to answering a lot of inner queries you may have.
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It typically means that you are empowering yourself, especially if you have control of flight in your dreams, this is a good dream to have. Hope this helps.
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He is right, only sometime when you dont get caught up in the dream and recognize that your in a dream, things like flight can happen, and its fun. Now its time to try powers.
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It means that you're growing. Like height.
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It means you're dreaming about flying. Nothing more, nothing less.

While you're flying, are you in an airplane? Do you have wings and feathers? Are you flying inside or outside? Alone or in a flock (of people or other usually flying/non-flying creatures)? What do you see while you're flying? Do you say anything? To whom?

Your question is simply too simple to answer other than to simply repeat that "It means you're dreaming about flying."

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