Why should we read the Quran?


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There are no reasons, truly. It has the opinions of one man, delivered as the word of Allah (TMM). There is much more of interest to read in the Bible. But you should "Treat both imposters, the same".

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They say that "If you want to know Islam then read Qur'an, don't judge Islam by its followers". So if you want to learn more about Islam then you should read Qur'an.

It's been years after years but not even a single verse of Qur'an has been changed, it's still the way it was revealed.

Qur'an has already said many facts hundred years ago which are now being discovered by science.

There are many such reasons.

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Hi there,

There are many reasons why reading the Quran may be beneficial to you. Muslims read the Quran because they believe it is the word from God and a practical guide for their everyday life. Non-Muslims may also read the Quran to find out more about the religion of Islam.


Muslims believe that reading the Quran can benefit them in many ways as they believe that every word read of the Quran will reap them blessings in this life and the hereafter.

A guide for mankind

The Quran is also used as a practical guide for every aspect of life to guide individuals into on the best ways to live their life according to the principles of Islam. The Quran, therefore can benefit a person by giving them a sense of direction in life and providing them day-to-day guidance, in much the same way that other religious books do.

Spiritual connection

The Quran is the word from God and those who read it may find a spiritual connection with the creator. Many Muslims have memorised prayers from the Quran which have special meaning in guiding them and being closer to God.

Clearing Misconceptions

There are some people who may want to read the Quran to clear up any misconceptions they may have about Islam. The more people have studied the Quran, the more they realise the beauty of this sacred holy book.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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