What Is The Holy Quran?


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This is the Islamic "Bible", used by the followers of Islam. They live their daily lives by the words in this book.
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The Qu'ran is to Islam what the Bible is to Christianity.  In Arabic the word "QU'RAN" or more notably "Al-Qu'ran" means "The Recitation"  because it is said that the Archangel GABRIEL, the very same Gabriel that appeared to Mary (Merriam) and Daniel, appeared to Mohammed (sp?) and "recited" the words to him that were written. Hence the book being called "The Recitation" or "Al-Qu'ran". However to answer your question the faith the Holy Qu'ran comes from is the Islamic faith.  Does that help?
     The Islamic faith worship the same God of Christianity and Judaism, acknowledge the same prophets.
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The Bible,which is God breathed,meaning he inspred what be written by men in old and new testement, it is ONLY INFALLIBLE word of God. Abraham, who had 2 sons (Ishmael and Isaac) Ismael mother was Hagar, Isaac mother was Sarah. Sarah was the mother of the
promise, First means Arabs and Jewry are half brothers. Isaac son Jacob become Israel
Mohammad is never mentioned in the Creators Word, meaning IF Qu"ran is not God's
Holy Word ,than tens of millions of people have been deceived = HELL
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It is the Holy Scripture to those who practice Islamic Religion.
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It is the holy scripture of the Muslims. They use it every day, and it is special to them like the bible is to Christians.

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It is the holy book of islam (which means religion of peace) it is the holiest book to muslims. According to islam the angel gabriel came to the prophet muhammad at night over a period of time and told him to write down everything he said and put it all together in a holy book. The angel claimed to be a messenger from allah the name of their god. Allah means god and is also his name. People have been fighting over whether this is true or false for centuries since before the holy crusades. Islam came around 500 years (give or take some time) after the bible was compiled together by the catholic church and the "christian doctrine" was created and christianity became the religion its seen as today(for the most part). (however it would have parts of it "changed" over time).                                                                                                                                                                                                   Open your mind and the truths shall be revealed to you                                                   join your voice with mine and we shall sing peace everlasting
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The Holy Quran is the book of Allah. It contains Allah's words. It is the guidance for all the Muslim people who follow Islam. It was given to the Prophet (peace be upon him) bit by bit at a time.

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