Why are some people obsessed with God? How do we know he is even real?


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How are you here? Ask your self that. Their had to be some kind of force, or person to make everything. And that was God. I mean it's your choice if you want to belive or not, I don't like to push my belifs onto people. Unlike some people. :)

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Ray Dart
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Please don't think this is a "Ray Dart" lecture - I'm not really like that. :)

:) It's possible to trace evolution (with a few explainable gaps) from the first micro-organisms right through to the higher animals (I nearly said human beings, which would imply that there is something special about us, and that we are at the top of some sort of evolutionary tree - we're really not.)

So, all we really need to explain how we got here is to know how that first micro-organism changed from something non-living to something living. 

 The easiest (and laziest) explanation is to postulate some higher being that created life. You'd have to ask, if such a being really IS all powerful why did he/she/it do it that way?

I confess to being an agnostic, rather than an atheist. I like to think that there ought to be something more to life than the procession from birth to the grave that we all (apart from amoebae) follow.

That attitude does not require me to believe in the "god of the scriptures".

Some readings of the bible, incidentally, seem to suggest that "the god of the scriptures" started out as sun worship, in the same way that Islam probably started out as moon worship (hence the crescent moon at the top of every mosque).

Say "Shut up Ray" :)
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Ray you are very insightful and you are spot on in your facts. Thank you for embracing reason.
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Anyone who calls them self a Christian should be wholeheartedly seeking God and living their lives entirely for Him, otherwise they're unworthy of calling themselves a Christian.  That is what the Bible says, and only those people who devote their lives to Him will ever find out  that He is real.  

And personally, I've seen enough things in my life to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is real, and He's more real than anything in front of me that I can see, touch and smell.

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Nice quote. :)
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@Tyto - I regret that I started the name calling, after an examination of some (most) of Mr Beierle's interpretations and translations of scriptural quotes. He is a bit economical with the accuracy. Still, I'm going to ignore his rantings from now on.
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I will bear with anyone who cares to listen. To anyone who is absolutely opposed to the Bible, Christ or God, I will give no attention. Obviously I haven't been saying or doing things perfectly, but I'm not giving up any time soon. There's always someone who wants to listen, and that makes it all worth it.
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"Why are some people obsessed with God?"  -  Easy, they were either indoctrinated to believe so, OR they were brought up predisposed to look outside them selves to FEEL complete. Those who do not know how To be complete on their own, will look for something to achieve this . . . Be it Drugs, Alcohol or God/Gods.

"How do we know he is even real?" - We do NOT. All we have in the way of even knowing of the CONCEPT of God/Gods is iron age writings of man. This is the only REAL CLAIM  . . "There is a God/Gods."

Un-validate so null and void.

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