I'm not the most religious person but like truly none even knows if there is a god or various gods neither do we know that the devil is real or isn't real. Who even knows if there's a heaven or hell. What are your thoughts on this?


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Absolutely, that's why it's called "faith". You just have to believe. In the end, though, everybody is free to believe whatever they want to.

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We don't really know if there are pink unicorns either but we do not waste our lives worrying about such improbable entities.

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You need to start by doing what Jesus said at John 17:3," This means everlasting life,their coming to know you, the only true God and the one whom you sent,Jesus Christ." This can be done by taking time to study the Bible you will learn what the Bible really teaches about God and his Son.

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It is interesting to contemplate whether the desire to find meaning in life is an evolutionary development based on the random appearance of what we call human "life" vs an internal intellectual proclivity which is a function of an immortal soul which animates this physical body---a design originated by a "creator," which many of us call "God."

Your conclusion about which of these two basic paradigms is correct will determine your subsequent philosophy of living.

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It will take true faith to believe in the existence of God. True faith in God involves not merely the belief that God exists but also trust and confidence in God as a person. Faith involves not only the mind but also the heart, yes, the whole person. God has revealed himself to us through his creative works. The first step is to recognize him as a person. His written word the bible will aide you in doing so.

And whether you are religious or not, some form of evil affects you, your family, your friends and the community in which you live. Sadly, many have suffered direct harassment from the supernatural, such as "hearing voices", and seeing frightening appearances. Satan is real.     

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We are fortunate to enjoy this promise:

"But on you who honor* my name, the sun of righteousness will shine, with healing in its rays;* and you will skip about like fattened calves.”- Malachi 4:2
AnnNettie Paradise
Yes indeed! What a blessing to carry and honor Jehovah's great and holy name.
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I guess you can't know for sure until you die. I for one believe in God, Jesus, Hell, Heaven, the devil and all that. But just because I believe it doesn't mean I'm right. For all I know I could be wrong and we actually go to Valhalla when we die. I could have been praying to the wrong deity this whole time. But I won't know for sure until I die. The only thing I can do is hope that I'm right and that I picked the right religion. 

Until then I can't make fun of another person's religious beliefs or lack thereof because as Hank Williams III once said in a song "I might be wrong". And they might be right.

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You sound like you are satisfied with what you have concluded. The understanding that you are looking for is something that our creator will grant to those earnestly looking. God's purpose is to have an earth filled with humans using their free will in line with their creator's purpose. The selection process for the fulfillment  of God's purpose is something that will be completed to the praise and honor of our creator.  Here is a link that can help


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