I'm starting to think I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God. Is that bad?


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Ray Dart answered

I'm agnostic (or an agnostic, if nouns and adjectives confuse). There is no evidence for a god, or gods.

Man cannot explain the universe (s)he sees, and therefore invents a god who "made it all". It's easy (and lazy) thinking.

All gods rely on "faith". That is to say that they don't have any evidence of their existence to put to you. You have to blindly "believe".

That does not mean you should disbelieve. I'm not a god. I cannot tell you what to believe.

(Don't expect to live on after death at the behest of one god or another though , it probably is not going to happen)

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Taylor Brookes answered

That's not bad at all. Religion is a very personal thing and if something just doesn't feel right, you don't have to believe it. It must be very confusing to have believed something for so long and to now have doubts about it, but you shouldn't feel guilty. Your family or friemds who still believe in God won't be able to understand why you don't,  because to them, it is fact. But it's not a fact. Religion is your choice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Darik Majoren answered

It only means that you adhere to the natural world around you. There is no evidence of ANY Gods . . . All we have is written and etched CLAIMS by man.

Any supernatural Claims should require supernatural validation . . . Since none have ever been provided the claim itself is null and void, hence; my disregard for even an agnostic status.

It is not bad, but instead . . . Enlightening. Feel free to think critically. It is a wonderful feeling.

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John McCann answered

No, that is rational.

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No, Megan.  You are simply finding your roots.  Everyone is born an atheist.  The only reason there are people other than atheists is because someone taught them to not be an atheist, or they believed what others said about belief in deities.  Keep digging deeper and you will find the answers you seek, but moral, ethical, and empathetic behaviors are as much a part of being an atheist as being a theist.  So if you are a moral person now, you will be a moral person regardless of what you choose.

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"Bad" is a strong word to use for such a personal expression. If someone doesn't hold the same beliefs as others, it doesn't make them (or their beliefs) bad, just different. Is it possible that their new beliefs are misguided or incorrect? Sure. But what someone chooses to accept in their perception of reality is entirely up to them.

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