Why do people call themselves Atheist, when they have to acknowledge there is a God not to believe in?


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I dont think theyve ever said theres no God to believe in but its just that they dont believe in one which is their choice and their right to free expression whether they are right or not
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That doesn't make sense.  I know what you are trying to do is attack the logical viability of atheism but you really haven't.  I could say that there is a pink elephant in my bedroom, you could choose not to believe I have a pink elephant in my bedroom.  You choosing to not believe in the elephant doesn't mean you have acknowledged the elephant's existence, it simply means you have considered the possibility of a pink elephant and decide that the idea is just silly.  It's much the same with atheism, one considers the idea of a god and decides that it isn't something that they believe in, one does not need to acknowledge gods existence to not believe in god.
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WOW! I know some people who are Atheist and it annoys me. And sometimes we'll argue but never get anywhere. But this question is amazing, It's so simple but true. For an Atheist to not believe in God, they have to first acknowledge that God does in fact exist. *Applaud*  #Legit
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It annoys you that people have views which differ from your own? Simple, the question may be. True, it is not. Do you believe in the existence of a gigantic shining neon teapot circling the Earth? Do you need to acknowledge such a thing's existence in order to not believe it is there?
Tracey Benefield
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WOW! I know people like you and it annoys me how compleatly stupid you are. This question IS simple and not thought out in the least. I would like to believe you must have some kind of common sense, but for me to believe you have any sense at all, I would first have to acknowledge you had a brain, and that is simply something I can not bring myself to do.
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Tracey, I'm annoyed by your lack of style. Seriously? >>(compleatly) What a joke! So completely amusing. It makes me use the term oxymoron. Who's the stupid one when it comes to punctuation and spelling? You, Tracey, make such a target of yourself even though you think that you have a point to make. Take some thought in your manner of keyboarding neatly. Hello, Tracey, are you in there? To read that you won't even make an effort to acknowledge whether or not Javen has a brain gives me the impression that you're lazy. lol. Look at the way you spell. I'll be nice and give you credit for attempting to force your opinion so sloppily.
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I don't believe in Athiests. LOL
But seriously, I think if they honestly and truly didn't believe in God, they wouldn't be so afraid of us Christians making fools of ourselves. I know I feel that way alot. 
So in my professional opinion, they do believe in God. But Satan has gotten ahold of them (by their own doing) and has convinced them that there is no God.
"There are none so blind as those that will not see" So if they don't want to see the truth, then I suppose that is their problem. I do what I can.
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Walt O'Reagun
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OR ... we Atheists could just be tired of all the crap organized religion has caused in this world, and be tired of it holding back Mankind from reaching its full potential.
K. B.  Baldwin
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Right on, Walt!
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Of course, there are many atheists in the world, they have the choice, but I think,in the life we have to believe in, however who is it? As we can live peaceful.Anyway, everyone has the choice, right?

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We have to say that so that religious people can understand. Personally, I hate the word for this precise reason. For me, there is no God. There never has been. 'Atheist' means 'without God'. Why should I have to say that there is a God, and I'm choosing not to believe in it? I shouldn't. It isn't fair and it's just a way for religious people to feel good about themselves, as though they have something more than us.

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Im a atheist and i believe there is no god but rather man made him up so we could serve a purpose of life
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Walt O'Reagun
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The first gods were not about giving Mankind a purpose ... they were about explaining phenomena that Mankind didn't understand.

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