Do we need religion?


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The keys to your question are "we" and "need".

"We" (as the human species) do not "need" religion.  As evidenced by the millions of people who live perfectly fine, upstanding lives without it.  And further evidenced by the millions of people who are persecuted in the name of religion.

However, some individuals feel that their (individual) life is better because of their religious beliefs.

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Speaking for myself, I know I need religion. In times of tragedy and indecision I find it quite comforting to talk to God when there may not be anyone currently around me that understands. 

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Humankind does not explicitly need religion, but humans do seem to have the innate to desire to praise, exalt, pursue, or worship to varying degrees. This sort of individual "religion" or mindset often enriches the human experience.

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Some do, some don't. There's no absolute need for religion.

A very wise man named JohnOGaunt (who may join us soon) once said, "Without Rationalism, we'd all be dead. Without Spirituality, we might as
well be."

But, of course, there's a vast gulf between religion and spirituality. You'll have an entertaining time finding a bridge to cross between the two.

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Some people need a crutch and some don't.

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It depends on what you want. You can argue all day long about whether or not religion causes good or bad behavior in people. But one benefit religion seems to have is that it inspires a lot of art. 

Granted I'm not saying religion is the sole reason for art. But religion has influenced a lot of culture and historically significant paintings and statues. Secular art seems to often be abstract in nature (not that there is anything wrong with abstract) whereas religiously inspired art tends to be historically significant. Of course there are exceptions to the rules among them being the Mona Lisa and basically everything Picasso made which were all amazing secular pieces of art. 

But I would argue that the necessity of religion is to give people some point of reference for their creativity. Greek Gods have been made into amazing statues. Egyptian gods are still known for their amazing and grand monuments made in their honor. Islam has created huge and beautiful buildings. And Christian art has inspired many Renaissance paintings and statues. That's just my way of thinking though.

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Of course, one could argue that the reason so many art works are religious in nature (under Christianity) ... is because if they were NOT, the artist (or patron) would have been persecuted for making "idols".

EG: "Sure, you can have a painting of yourself above your throne - as long as there's a picture of Jesus in your chapel."
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Yes some of our greatest creations have been made by slavery, indentured servants, and blackmailed artists /:
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Of course my answer is coming from my own personal taste. I like Persian, Arabic, Greek Orthodox, and Midevil art so my answer could be a little biased
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Well, that entirely depends on HOW you were raised.

If your parents saw fit to indoctrinate you to need something outside yourself to feel COMPLETE, then I suppose you would be predisposed to FEEL you need religion. The arduous task of finding your way to feel complete on your own is a worthy endeavor and one you would be most fortuitous to engage in.

As one who WAS indoctrinated to NEED . . . I truly am free to fulfill my life's endeavors without it.

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What do you mean we? Make your own personal decision. No one can answer that for you nor speak for others.

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Good question.  I identify myself as a born again CHRISTIAN. I do not identify or affiliate with any religion. For me, it's about faith, not about a bunch of human created rules.

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If we look at the history of most religion, we will certainly find that religion has been a burden and heartache to most of its members. Yet, for the most part, people does have a need to cling to some form of worship. The World Book Encyclopedia states "There have never been a people that did not have some form of religion". Why? Because man has an instinctive need to worship.

However, the real reason we need religion is found in God's word the bible at Psalms 100:2,3. Yes, God does exist and he wants us to truly worship him.   

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I don't know if I'd say "man has an instinctive need to worship". I think it would be more accurate to say we have an insatiable curiosity ... and before modern science, anything not understood "had" to be the work of a higher power. And if some higher power is responsible for deciding whether or not you have a bountiful harvest - you try to keep it happy. Once you understand the actual science of agriculture, there's no need to believe in such a deity.
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That is something that is based on a personal level. Some people do, and some don't. As for me I believe in God but I don't believe in any particular organized religion. My niece is a devout Christian who found religion in her late 20s. For her I believe it saved her life, She was definitely going down the wrong path before she found her church. She needs religion. Her brother on the other hand is an atheist. He doesn't need religion. He is living his life on his own terms and is happy doing so. It all depends on what works for you on a personal level.

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We do need religion! Religion has been a fundamental part of our civilisation for thousands if years. It is both true, in my opinion, and gives people hope for the future. What does atheism promise? Nothing but a meaningless life followed by death.

Religion is also the embodiment of free speech. In a society where we promote free speech and human rights, how can we take away the faith of others, regardless of our own feelings.

And finally, religion is a force for good. Without religion we would have no charity, no missionary work and no morals to base our lives upon. All that would be left would be a world corrupted by selfishness, hate and anarchy and every person who denies religion brings us a step closer to that dark world.

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