Do we really need religion?


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I think some of us do.  There seems to be something deep in the psyche of a lot of pweoplwe that needs an external source for how rto live the Golden Rule. 

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Darik Majoren
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There is something deep in the Psyche my friend . . it is based on years and years of survival. Empathy and a societal civilized belief in reciprocity. Many religions took note of this and "Assigned" it as the Golden Rule . . .
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If God exists and established one for our benefit and prefers that we freely use it, it could be quite beneficial.

I won't argue whether or not that means it qualifies as a "need."

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Tom, are you theist, atheist or agnostic?
Call me Z
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I would say there are many who are predisposed toward belief or faith or spirituality more than others. For them, such an individual inclination would qualify in the area of a "need". Of course, the reasoning for this would span a spectrum from personal comfort to fellowship to confirmation bias. No real harm in such positions until it is imposed on the unwilling or unknowing.
Tom  Jackson
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@Answerer Omega

I am a Catholic and believe in the Abrahamic God.

It He does in fact exist and did in fact create us and did in fact establish a religion when the Word (the second person of the trinity) became "flesh" and established a new relationship between God and man, it is at least logically possible that man needs that religion---whatever that religion may be.

Logic and reasoning are necessary, but do not guarantee that they will arrive at "Truth."

Since there is no extant proof acceptable to all that God either exists or does not exist, one must first decide on the possibility or impossibility that He either does or doesn't.

If you then proceed from the conclusion that that God exists, you can conclude---by logic and reason---that religion is a reasonable and logical part of human existence and properly directed to an end.

If, alternately, you then proceed from your conclusion that God does not exist, you can conclude---by logic and reason--- that religion is superfluous.

And after a life time of disciplined thinking and reasoning---even if by the greatest and best trained minds that ever existed---one of those two groups will have been right and the other will have been wrong.

Given a basic set of materials, logic can build the best house. But if it is unknowingly build over the exact center of the San Andreas fault, it was obviously built from the wrong set of assumptions.
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Religion has killed more on the planet,

than any thing. If you were looking to wipe

out human kind this is one way to go.

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Tom  Jackson
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Live long enough and you will die.

Apparently it's actually "living" that kills us all.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Extremism is to blame for the killing you are referring to .. not just "religion"
Tom  Jackson
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@Bikergirl Anonymous

I am referring to "killing" in its broadest form: Killing is causing the death of a living organism. (Internet)

Whether by avalanche on one extreme or murder on the other..
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Well not anymore, it was created to answer the things we didn't know about, gravity, sunlight, planets, etc.

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Born without religion- Die without religion. Was only in a religion growing up because of what you call "brainwashing and indoctrination"

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Maybe a finer point on who this "we" is.

Humans invented their religions to serve some purpose, that it lingered so long must have filled some need, given some type of reward.

Ever wonder what that need is intended to be and who exactly reaped the reward?  Look hard at any major religion or religious cult and it should be obvious and disturbing. 

I will conclude that we need neither religion nor those who push it on others.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
You don't know me nor what I believe .. speaking of those who should get off their "high horse" perhaps you should take your own advise
Toxic Hairball
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What you personally believe, Bikergirl, has never been at issue here. The point is you have somehow contrived that I ridiculed some sect of believers somehow, while that would be easy enough to do, and I could go on at great lenght in doing so, I have not. Your credibility is the issue here, as one who declares "most of you wouldn't understand" the difference between religion and spirituality. Balderdash. Now who's ridiculing who? Hypocrite.
Bikergirl Anonymous
You can believe whatever it is you like .. that's your prerogative.. fill your boots. At this point, I couldn't give a rats patootie what you think in terms of my credibility.
I responded to your post..which was something you didn't like .. and now I see your bent on turning this into an abrasive attack .. so be it. I didn't attack you .. I made an observation about a singular issue .. that we disagree on. You paint everyone with one brush .. I don't. So be it.
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Depends. If they wanted to be ruled, let them have a religion. If they want to be free, then let them be

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Religion is like a false hope

That you will be reunited with

Friends, pets ,loved ones passed ,,,,,,, no ..

I have seen some stuff in my house to make me question

Religion...... It's all crap ...

Live your life now .

You will never get a second chance 

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I have to admit .. I am a believer that God exists but I do not condone the beliefs and practices of "the church" . Not a believer in dogma.

Most of you won't understand there is a difference. 

Belief is individualistic .. everyone believes  in something whether or not it is God, or spirituality or even that there isn't a God .. its unfair to say that others are wrong if they don't believe what you do. To each their own .. as long as it does not adversely affect others. 

I personally believe that the church's have twisted and compromised the Word of God ..  it has  become adulterated. That is my belief .. and mine alone. I am not saying everyone should believe what I believe .. and I truly resent anyone who tries to dictate to me what THEY think I should believe because it's what THEY believe. 

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Just Ice
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with due respect I don't think your "That is my belief .. and mine alone." is strictly true because I think there are others who also "believe that the church's [churches] have twisted and compromised the Word of God"
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The bible tells us "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need".  Whether we want to believe it or not their is a higher power, our creator. We exist because of him. I do strongly believe that their are too many religions in the world that exists solely to mislead everyone away from the  one true God.

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Darik Majoren
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A blanketed statement such as this demotes all other beliefs and sets yours up as Truth . . .
You don't find this to be special pleading?
You believe what you believe based on where and how you were raised.
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No we do not need any false religion, which has caused so much hatefulness and suffering. People need to know what the true religion is and how to practice it, because it means our life. 1John 2:15-17, "Furthermore,the world is passing away and so is its desire,but the one who does the will of God remains forever."

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Do we really need religion?


Do we really need audio cassette tape recorders? At one time there were so many to choose from, but now nobody sells any. The demand [need] for them has vanished  because the role they played has been taken over by better more reliable equipment.

But religions are still here. In fact there seems to be more of them on offer. That can only mean that there still is a need for religion. It also means that, so far, nothing has appeared that is compellingly better and more reliable at answering the questions and serving the needs that religion does.

So, unbelievable and unacceptable though it may be to many, the undeniably correct answer, from observation, is that yes we do really need religion, still.

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