Why did the God of the Israelites choose circumcision as a sign of his covenant? Has it anything to do with phallic worship?


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It would be speculation to assess why God makes such capricious decisions. Perhaps as a sign of one's commitment to His calling or, more likely, a practical sanitary measure disguised as test of faith, though it is inflicted mostly on the unknowing who have no say in the matter. 

It has everything to do with asserting the possessors of male genitalia (men) as more worthy in God's eye. A fine example of the twisted Abrahamic perspective of human sexuality. An early lesson in body shaming. 

Ponder the metaphysical: If man is created in the image of God, does God HIMself have a foreskin? 

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Acts 9:5 (KJV) reads, "And he said, Who art thou,
Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest; it is hard
for thee to kick against the pricks."

Circumcision was introduced to make those kicks less painful for the kicker.

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No, it did not have anything to do with phallic worship. Circumcision, the “sign of the covenant” was a fitting symbol of pure worship marking those in covenant relationship with God a distinct people.

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I don't know much about the topic so I had to do some searching. This is from a Jewish Rabbi

"We find G‑d on earth just as much (and perhaps more) than in the heavens. So we put a sign on the most physical and potentially lowly organ, to say that it can and should be used in a holy way. In fact, it is in sexuality that we can touch the deepest part of our soul—when we approach it with holiness."

This might be why the freemasons wear little white aprons over there holy of holies I don't know.

Apparently the practice was quite old and went back to ancient Egypt especially within the mystery religions. Here's a link


Still Abraham asked his servant to put his hand under his thigh when swearing an oath Genesis 24:2-9. Maybe this is where the Old testament and New Testicle comes from? Or when they say the magistrate has got them by the balls :)

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"It would be speculation to assess why God makes such capricious decisions."

Well, that statement already contains an assessment and leads to another---that the sign of the covenant is an example both of the capriciousness of God and His intent to shame His very own creation.

I wouldn't believe in a god with those attributes either.

Once you decide God doesn't exist, you close a door and decide never to walk through it again.  At that point,  your ability to understand what is on the other side of that door is forever compromised---although you can always take the stance that anyone who has chosen to walk through that door and describe whatever he has found there could not possibly either exist or make sense if it did.

Those of us who decide that God does exist open the door, close it with conviction, and choose to learn everything we can about what's on the other side.  As we learn, we get insights and understandings about the reality on the other side that is unavailable to those who have not joined us there---or in some cases and for their own reasons have chosen to return to whence they came.

And that is the primary difference between an atheist and a theist---the theist cannot ever explain divinity to the atheist's satisfaction and the atheist cannot convince the theist that divinity does not exist.

But, Pea Nuts, here is one man's opinion.  He seems slightly embarrassed in retrospect by his answer, but I find it interesting:


(And Abraham was 99 years old when God told him this was the sign of the covenant.)

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Darik Majoren
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. . . and yet . . . " . . . each of in his own right as literally thwarted your supernatural claims at every turn . . ."
Still stands . . . not bad for an extra.
Interestingly, do you fancy yourself Doctor Jones? Fascinating . . . must be a wonderful movie playing on in your head.
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@Dark Majinn

Wow, what a zinger.

Just like that punching bag---I punch, you come back with a little tap.

We filmed the scene---you can stay on the ground.
Darik Majoren
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I can be a punching bag sure thing . . . I recall an old gym where they still had the original leather bag from the old boxing days . . . I think someone took the time to apply conditioner to the leather because although it look old . . it wasn't cracking . . . At the time I was very much into the martial arts that was mostly punches and kicks . . . I worked on the top of the bag and after hitting with an elbow, I spun for punch that was supposed to be the Sola Plexus . . . low into the bag . . . well that thing must have been just sitting there for years because at that bottom, the sand had become a solid block of concrete . . . The bag didn't move, and the reverberation of the impact was sent back into my knuckles, wrist, and arm causing me to cry out. It was amazing I didn't break anything, and my friends all had a great laugh at my expense . . .

Is that what it's like debating with me Thomas . . . you think a couple of Shots flailing in the air all showy, and try to shake the foundation with a staggering blow only to find me not only unmoving, but causing you great mental anguish, as the reasoning comes reverberating back at you . . . ?
I Think . . . that is exactly how this has been playing out.
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Who cares?

Why did this imaginary monster smite the


No rhyme or reason with man made nonsense, just silliness!

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For some reason I seem to recall that He had commanded (as a test) one of his people to sacrifice a son.  The believer was getting ready to do so,when God said "Just joshing you.  Just thrown tip of his pecker in the sacrificial fire and we'll call it even". 

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