So I had this dream about my crush. We were at a party in my basement. I was hanging out with my friends and he was with his. One of his friends called me over then me and my crush started making out. Could this mean something?


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Danae Hitch answered

Generally dreams don't mean anything. You were thinking about your crush and then went to sleep. You had him on your mind. Your imagination took over from there. No need to worry.

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Dreams are generally composed of our subconscious fears and wants. You say he's your crush? You made out with him in a dream? You probably want that to happen because you like him. My friend had a similar dream, her crush at the time kissed her. In real life tho, he wad not interested in her at all.

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This 'means' the same as any dream you've ever had .. Dreams are the triggered by suggestive thoughts of the conscious and the subconscious .

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