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The word 'secular' relates to things that don't have a religious or even a spiritual grounding. Examples of buildings that aren't secular, for example, include churches and mosques. This is because they are affiliated with some form of religious denomination. Meanwhile, another application of the word in everyday life can be found in secular rehabilitation clinics. This is where the 12-step programme wouldn't be used in the recovery process for a patient, as there is significant exposure to Christian beliefs in this detoxification technique. Unfortunately, in some cases, many people can find this offensive if they were raised in a secular family, or if they have taken the decision to be Atheists.

Let's not forget the use of the term 'secular state' either, where a country doesn't have a state religion. Usually, such a decision on faith nationally is made when a significant proportion of the population practise a certain faith. Spain is not a secular state, for example, as they are widely perceived to be a Catholic country. The same goes for Ireland and Italy.

Of course, dictionary definitions can be all fine and good, but there's nothing better than adding a bit of context to the meaning of a word. If you are looking for further examples of secular, or more information about what a secular state is, consider visiting this link for further details:

Suffixes can be added onto the word in order to provide further scope. For example, secularism is the belief that certain  concepts should be completely devoid of religion to prevent conflict and war.
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Secular is a word which means not religious. Therefore a person who has no particular inclinations towards any religion is said to be secular. This term is also used to describe anything that is not associated with religion like institutions, music and so on. This word is derived from a Latin word which means "of the age". Secular is a word thus used to denote anything that is worldly and concrete than something profane with religious connotations.

Secularism is a principle or doctrine that is closely related to this word. It is a belief that human actions and their decisions should be a result of rational thinking and logic rather than religious influence. This principle is adopted as a political policy in several countries like India. It means that the country would not favour any religion and that the citizens of that country have full freedom to follow the religion of their choice without the fear of being sidelined or the denial of their rights due to their religious preferences.

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