Do atheists have meetings or any type of association to tell each other what they don't believe in?


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Absolutely not, sorry but this made me laugh, I mean if I made a little group to "talk," it would just be like, "yeah so I don't believe and I don't want to believe." and basically that's

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I am a believer but I have atheists in my family.

Even my late incarnate atheist sister who lived to be 72 said, "On a bad day I am an atheist but on a really good day I am an agnostic (searching).
Atheism can be organised, hence there are a jungle of atheist websites, here's a smattering:

The more I read about atheism the more I choose to believe. Believing in God doesn't come easy to many, and maybe that's a good thing: Having to cultivate one's belief.

I could write more, but I hope this answer helps.

Atheism it seems is the absence of belief

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Most or all Christians should also be Agnostic, because of its meaning to NOT KNOW for sure if there is a God . . . while some would disagree, one must consider what Faith means . . .
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Yes, well sort of. If you go on Facebook, you'll see groups/pages where there are atheists that are just debating and arguing about many things.

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