With terrorism being a highly debated matter, Could someone show me where exactly in the Quran (Which I believe is the equivalent to a bible) does it say that it is OK to murder,maim innocent people?


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Who's people murder the innocent people they don't ever read the these holy books.

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Yes the Quran does say some very...questionable things about infidels. But one could point out that these terrorists are not killing "infidels" according to the Quran, no matter how much they say otherwise. The Quran, as far as I understand, specifically states that Christians and Jews are to be left alone due to them being "people of the book". They are not "infidels" according to the Islamic faith. They are just misinformed, according to them. 

Since they are people of the book, not infidels, the terrorists don't have true sanctioning from the Quran. Of course the book does say some bad things about gay people but hey, what religion in the West doesn't? As far as I can tell the religion ain't that much better or worse than my religion so I can't honestly say that they are to blame for terrorism. These terrorists obviously don't know anything about their own religion. I mean the other day ISIS blew up a mosque in Yemen. A Mosque! You know....where other Muslims pray!?! 

I don't know a lot about Muslims but I seriously doubt their religion supports the bombardment of other Muslims.

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