I had a dream where a guy friend/possible crush saved me from being hit by a truck. He wrapped his arm around me and started to run away carrying me. The truck was crashing through the wall of what looked like my school's gym. What does this mean? Please no "just a dream" answers.


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Ravin Local answered

You probably just ate too much before going to bed. That causes weird dreams for some.

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Ancient Hippy answered

It means that your friend/possible crush is Superman.

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Ty Hibb answered

You might try not eating spicy food before bedtime.

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Anonymous answered

Weird thing is, I didn't eat anything big/spicy before bed. Last thing I ate that night was a lowfat yogurt about an hour and a half before sleeping, so I don't think that could effect my dream.

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Writer ReeRee answered

It probably mean you like him. Also, you are wishing for a scenario like that to happen, not the bad part only him saving you. I hope this helps!!

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