What are the chances that if aliens existed they would look anything like human beings?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
From my background, I have personally seen the Roswell, NM UFO crash vessel and its occupant and they look nothing like us and are so much more advanced in many ways. They look like us in height and body form only but way beyond our wildest imagination possible today and the vehicle is still light years ahead of us even today and it crashed in 1949 which was 5 years before I was born, so to be living amongst us is a very strong possibility in which most people could never handle
Allan Lopatinsky Profile
Same chances as them not looking like us for all we know the could have dropped us of here to populate and we are just a new growing civilization of their kind and all the alien encounters we have heard about in the past could be them just checking how we are doing and leading us the right way
Jim Bourbon Profile
Jim Bourbon answered
Very little unless we were somehow evolved from the same original organism, or if were once one race and long ago we got separated.  But I wouldn’t think that it would be likely that a being from as close as another solar system that was created completely independent of the species on this planet would look anything like us.  Unless god has a real good sense of humor, we do have the platypus.
Michael Gregory Profile
Michael Gregory answered
Chances are Great.
Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
That would depend on the planet they evolved upon, and the requirement for multiple extinction events and several ice ages. In a huge universe, could happen :)
Hannah Elston Profile
Hannah Elston answered
If aliens do ( I'm a believer that they exist,) exist and they would look like humans, we would be having a problem because they could be blending in.
maya murry Profile
maya murry answered
Well to me when I think of aliens I think of a really ugly human being that is green and muschy...
Thomas Rohrer Profile
Thomas Rohrer answered
It steadily reaches an infinitesimal decimal the more you think of the possible paths life on Earth could've taken, much less another world.

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