Do vampires have heart?


8 Answers

Shanon Collins Profile
Shanon Collins answered
Yes they have a heart and they have blood.
Aurora Saya Profile
Aurora Saya answered
Yes we do have a heart and we do have blood...
Sydney Bauer Profile
Sydney Bauer answered
Vampires arent real i mean im ten and i know that
alexia smith Profile
alexia smith answered
They have a heart but no blood. Thats why they need ours, so they can use their heart for something
Carly Graham Profile
Carly Graham answered
Yes, they're probably like most humans just love to drink blood just like we like to drink water. So they probably have a heart like us too.
Thomas Rohrer Profile
Thomas Rohrer answered
They have a heart, but they have no blood. It's for that reason that they must take the blood of others.

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