Do some of you believe there are jealous spirits out there who want to see you fail?


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John McCann answered

No evidence for spirits, jealous or otherwise.

Are we going to have many of these question leading up to Halloween?

Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

Nope.  Only jealous people.

AnnNettie Paradise Profile

Yes indeed! They are known as demons. And like their wicked leader, Satan the Devil, they are busy stirring up strife among mankind, to the extent that people have become selfish, jealous and violent. Yes, they want to see you fail in your relationship with others (family, friends etc.) Most importantly, they want to see us fail in our relationship with God.

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Cookie Hill answered

The Bible speaks of wicked spirits that have been thrown to the earth along wth Satan the Devil, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth. Revelations 12:9-12

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Didge Doo answered

Well, there may be the odd poltergeist hanging around having a laugh when I stuff up, but the concept of a spirit given to an excess of schadenfreude is a bit over the top. I guess that's a "No".

Besides, I don't need spirits to poke fun at me when I fail. I'm married. :(

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I believe there are evil spirits, I don't just believe I know there are.

Why do you think spirits are influencing your life?

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Well, This stuff started happening right around the time, that my Aunt started to move back in, a little before in a different matter,
but mainly when she moved back into the house in 2011 and moved out in 2013, I'm thinking I have a hunch that someone is trying to put a root on me, everything in my life is not happening
according to plan, there is too many obstacles.
Sharron Prestcott
People can bring bad energy with them, perhaps that's what happened when your aunt moved in. Yes they can cause negative things to happen, you should consult a reliable and I stress "reliable" medium to find out what is going on.
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Their is jealous people out their including family and friends who love to see people fail in life. As for spirits the only ones I know is the kind I make its good stuff candy cane shine

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