Do you believe your house or a family members house is haunted? Who do you think the ghost is? Why do you think the ghost is there? What or who do you think its looking for or what it wants?


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Our current house isn't haunted, but the one will lived in prior to this one was. The ghosts had to be children. We would hear music box sounding music playing and kids laughing, and no one was there. Things would be moved around and we did not move them. My husband would feel something tickling his feet at night. It was just like tricks little children would play. The only 'bad' thing that happened was that, somehow, the wheels of our son's crib were broken off. Maybe the ghost was jealous?! We didn't know the history of the house, so we had no idea why the ghost/ghosts were there.
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Haley Cook
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Cool! :) :D i wonder who the ghost kids were.
Shanna Graves
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It would be interesting to know who the children were. We asked the landlord about it, but she wouldn't tell us anything about anyone who lived there previously.
Letha Barnes
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Once lived in one where childeren were there, they had been burnt in a fire. So sad but it does happen, my twin boys used to like to "play" with the little girl.
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Hi yes i believe that my house is haunted and my nans house, in my house well i believe that the ghost is my mum she died when i was 7 years old i think that she is here to protect me or try and look after me im not sure why? Or she is trying to tell me something im not sure at my nans house well i believe there are 2 ghosts they are my nans mum and my grandads mum as when my sister went to stay there with her boyfriend for the first time he woke up and saw 2 woman standing over my sister talking and the next day he told my sister and he picked out the 2 woman from a picture and he has never met them
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Yes our house is haunted from the man who died here, naturally. He does little stuff like turn on microwave, water, flush toliet. We can here him walking too. My dogs bark like crazy at inanimate objects, like plants, conners of  the wall, lol. He don't really hurt or disturb us, kinda like it this way.
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Steckie Luffy
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Poor guy... Hope his spirit is at peace. He certainly doesn't seem vengeful, so I'd say he's friendly. Maybe he became a poltergeist? He's just trying to spook ya! Or maybe he's a poor soul wanting some attention?

I talk too much lol
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We have never experienced that, so i can't say.
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I have a close friend who is very connected to the paranormal. She claims to have seen many strange things at my house, and I've experienced hallucinations. I don't know if we're both crazy, or my house is legit haunted...

I've always felt watched, to be honest... Who can say?

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