Hypothetical question for animal lovers. After dying you are informed that all animals don't go to heaven. You have the choice to go to heaven knowing you will never see a animal again or go to where the animals are. Where do you go?


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My dog is dying of bone cancer. Thinking that I will be with her again someday is what is helping me through. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant it's what gets me through.

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Didge Doo answered

If there are no animals it could scarcely be Heaven. I'll go where the my dog is welcome.

When Charles Schulz (creator of "Snoopy") died, this cartoon was published around the world.

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I don't believe in heaven, but seeing as this is hypothetical, let's assume it does exist.

I would go to heaven because, even though I love animals, it would get lonely and also, by the time I die, it's likely that my grandparents and probably my parents will be dead and I would want to see them again.

If I died tomorrow in a freak accident or something I would still choose heaven because then when my family/friends die I will be there waiting for them and I can be with them again.

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This hypothetical question suggests that heaven---whatever it is---contains the concept of "existing with disappointment."

I simply cannot imagine a "heaven" which does not incorporate (no pun intended) in some fashion all of the good that I experienced while I was in this mode of existence.

For me, I might as well try to hypothesize a "square circle."

Sorry, I can't answer your question.

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IF ... To the beasties.

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You should make this idea into a short story, with dialogue, you know dogs talking, St. Peter, etc. It might just make a great story. You don't have to believe in any of it yourself, but just play with it. Probably very entertaining. Maybe someone already has though . .

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

This is actually easy if you look at the big pic here.  After living so long with people and pets, which one actually treated you better? Personally, I have had it with living with the majority of the people out here as so many are pure evil but my dogs have always been loyal and real glad to see me come home and at mealtime so I would no doubt go where the animals are and leave the evil people fight it out again amongst themselves

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I totally agree. I choose to deal with & work with animals rather than most humans. My best friend died 8 hours ago & all our dogs & cat & they know instinctively that io am sad & have been around me most of the last hours.
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Animals. My dog (not my only one) died many years ago. I still think about him. Seeing him again IS heaven. And after i get used to it, i would still have many fluffy friends around me. And, really, what is there to do in heaven. As far as i know, its just a Paradise where watching it is the only activity. That should get boring after a while.

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There are many opinions I see about animals being brought back to life, just like you I have never read about a resurrection or bring back to life animals, but I have read where Jesus brought a man named Lazarus back to life at John 11:25.39-44.

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