If you are saved, and you keep deliberately sinning, will you still go to heaven?


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As it says repent or perish.... Perish meaning no eternal life.. Repent and turn back on the sinful ways and move on. If someone continuously hurt you but said sorry and then did it again and again would you really be to happy with them???
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It depends on what you mean by "saved".  If you believe God sent his son to die on the cross for our sins.  Then God will not be pleased that you are deliberately sinning, but because you are saved (if you really truly meant it) he will forgive and you will still get into his Kingdom.
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Lee Goodall
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I understand what you mean, but I was meaning, if you being saved, and after it, carry on a normal life as an unsaved person, then you will not get to heaven. Remember, you will know them by their fruits, those who do not bear good fruit will be thrown into the fire
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Ditto Red October. Sin is a choice to turn away from God (either partially or completely).  It either hurts or breaks our relationship with God because it is choosing to embrace something that is opposed to Him.  We must be completely detached from all sinfulness before we enter heaven for eternity - "Nothing unclean shall enter it" (Rev. 21:27).
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There are two thoughts of major religious views on this subject, one says yes you can still go to heaven the other never. My view is kinda in the middle. If you keep knowingly or deliberately sinning you never were born again, cause the Spirit in the believer will cause your conscience to become aware of your sin and you will repent and stop the sin. Yet, when one is born again he cannot lose his salvation though he may sin again. If he deliberately is sinning, then there maybe more to his problem than just a besetting sin, there may be something like a stronghold that he just cannot overcome. We should all pray more for all believers for each other so we all may please the Lord and live righteously according to his will and pleasure.
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NO.. Your going to rot in hell lol..jokes, I don't know, was interesting reading all the anwsers on here because I'm not religious. But if god exists then I think he made us to make mistakes and to live to the fullest and learn. I mean I sin all the time! I go downstairs at midnight and steal my dads cookies from the cupboard :D and then I sin again by denying it ALL  =]
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Lee Goodall
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You are right, we all sin all the time, even us Christians as well. But being saved means to repent of all the sin you have done, accept Jesus, make him first in your life and follow him. Once you do this, when you do try as hard as you can not to sin, but fail here and there, you can ask god the Father to forgive you in Jesus name
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No....read hebrews 11
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No because God is not going to allow anyone who keeps deliberately sinning into his Kingdom.
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We are all sinners. We can only hope that we learn from our past and move forward. Anyone that says they never sin are lieing..
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You can never, no matter what you do, ever lose your salvation. You could even kill some one ( which I hope you don't!! Lol) and as long as if you believe Jesus died on the cross and rose again, you will still go to heaven.
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Yes, you will still go to heaven. Unfortunately, your deliberate sinning means that you have not had a revelation of what Christ did on the cross.
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And you keep sinning, ?//[WAILS]

You lesser vessels of "christ" are remnants of vegabonds manipulated by The Devil. (SEE Hebrews 5:9) and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him. (See Hebrews 5:8-10) You obviously do not obey Christ, your God, nor his Holy Spirit. For generations, you lesser vessels have been told a great lie that we are not perfect, but only human. You can be made perfect by not deliberately sinning. This act will get you into "God's Kingdom in heaven." You can't be saved, "and keep sinning". It would be like saying, "I'm done cleaning my room", but really not.
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Lee Goodall
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Your right,you can be made perfect in the sense of following Christ with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, but you will always sin, everyday, even some things you do not know is sin. If this was not right, then why would we need to ask for forgiveness, even Jesus demonstrates this through giving us the Lords prayer, remember ( forgive us our sins ). When we sin, we are able as Born again Christians to bring it to the cross, to repent, admit what we have done and be forgiven through Christ
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And please do call others ....You lesser vessels....as we are all the same in the eyes of God, he loves each of us the same, saved and unsaved alike, and this is why we need to tell others of the salvation through Christ, not make them feel like out casts.
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I'm not sure if your answer was directed to me, I am saved, a born again Christian, a child of God. I just wanted to give you my thoughts on your answer
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There are no sins, and there is no saving.
Do what you will, just try to harm none.
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Lee Goodall
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Sorry, but you are wrong. Do you honestly believe there is nothing after this. If only one out of all the trillion ghost sightings from the beginning of time is true, then it proves and after life. Jesus is the only way to heaven,
Justus Young
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There is no Jesus. There is no God. There is no Heaven. There is no proof. The Bible is not proof by the way because it is an old book and That's it. Just because someone told you they exist, doesn't mean they do. I believe in hard proof in actual written, photoed and videoed proof. Watch the science channel every now and then.
Vicky Ticha
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Me and my dad think that the bible was written by someone that wished for a perfect world and wanted everyone to follow that book and live like robots ! There is no proof it was written by god, or jesus or whatever. There is also no proof of heaven and god. So i will believe when I see. If there is heaven then great, but we have no proof there is. So I am surprised in how many people around the world believe so strongly in it.

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