Are all horoscopes in the media for a person on a particular day basically the same?


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Not exactly.

There's a great deal of published information about astrology which probably follows a number of closely-related basic ideas (don't ask me to be specific, I don't know much about it). When an astrologer follows those ideas relative to the suggested attributes of the various star signs and filters them through the current day's star chart, it's likely that they will produce similar results.

The variations will depend on the background and understanding of the individual astrologer.  They have no value other than entertainment.

On the other hand I've known sensitives who come up with some surprisingly accurate ideas, working one-on-one with a subject. They may use astrology,  numerology, tarot, scrying, clairvoyance, or the entrails of a dead chicken. Such people seem to use their chosen device to focus their intuition. Media fortune-tellers are unable to do that.

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Horoscopes, are they all the same, for ex. Globally: With all due respect to star-gazers, I do wonder if those born in one part of the world who move to another, can figure on there being any change in horoscope, due to both new positions of stars in the heavens over their heads & time differences (time-zones) .

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