What Does It Mean When You Have A Dream About The Same Person For Several Nights In A Row?


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What Can I Do About Recurring Dreams?

Firstly, you need to UNDERSTAND the dream.

To work out what the recurring dream is trying to tell you, check out this video from dream analyst Adam Fronteras.

He breaks down what certain recurring dreams mean, with unexpected interpretations I must say!

If these recurring dreams are bothering you or causing you stress, the best thing you can do is attempt to verbalise your feelings and write them down. 

If you keep dreaming about a guy you like, get your thoughts down on paper, and write down what happened in the dreams, too. This should make you feel as if you've dealt with the issue, and your mind will hopefully be able to put it to rest.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Thing?

Many people who practise dream interpretation believe that if a theme or symbol - in your case, a person - keeps popping up in a dream, it reflects the dreamer's unchanging attitude towards whatever it represents. 

So, if you keep seeing the same person, it suggests that not only are you thinking of them in some way, but that you're still thinking about them in the same way. It's possible that if your feelings changed for this person that you would no longer dream of them so frequently.

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If you see the same person in your dreams then more often than not it means you are thinking deeply about that person, or that person is thinking of you. It could mean that you are also in love with that person.

It could also denote that if you have a problem that you cannot find the answer to, then probably the person you see in your dream could be the one with the solution or answer to that problem and that you may have to contact that person.

In the same way it could also mean that person needs your help in one way or another.
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Haha - that's for sure has happened to me. I have heard that when you dream about someone they went to sleep thinking about you too. And I had a dream about me and my best friend, so I asked her if she had a dream with me in it, and she said she did - and every time we had a dream about each other the first thing we would do would be to text each other and ask if we were in each other's dream.

So it's pretty true that if they are in your dreams they are thinking about you. This makes me feel really warm inside and happy.

You know when you turn your lights off and you're about to go to sleep - that's when all the thinking happens. You think about everything that has happened and you think about the future and when you dream. Before you go to sleep everyone thinks about their crushes or their loves and that's why you have a dream about them.
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Having a dream about one person several times usually means that you miss them, and want to hear their voice again. Do you like this person, more than a friend? If so, that's probably the meaning of your dreams... Good luck!
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Hi guys

Well I also have a lot of weird dreams like you, but mine is not as frequent as yours. I was dreaming about this one guy like every 2nd month. He would come into my dreams and ask me about my life and I could never see his face.

Just the other night I had a very bad day and when I went to sleep he appeared again asking me if I wanted to talk about it and I said I was not ready. I knew it was him and he told me he will be there if I  needed to talk.

So if you are dreaming of someone frequently it could be your guardian angel is trying to send you a message and you must be aware.
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Must mean you are thinking about them a lot, may be worried, may be a crush. There is a book called the interpretation of dreams. It will give you an idea what dreams mean. Sometimes it is just missing someone, as I dream of my brother even though he died 25 years ago.
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I have the same problem. I'm only 13, but I have a huge crush on one of the guys in my class, and he's constantly on my mind and has been in all my dreams. I've only liked him for a few months, but everything I think of somehow leads to him...I don't know if he likes me back, but I catch him staring often.
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I know!! Everything I think of somehow leads to him too!!!
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I seriously agree! I try to forget about him, but he keeps coming. He constantly stares at me, and I have dreams about him more often than before.
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Yeah, I dream about the same guy every night and when I take a nap. I hate it... I've dated him for half a year. And you know, when we broke up, it was mutual. And then time went on and I did start missing him but it started growing less and less - but my dreams started becoming more obsessed with him.

I really do still love him. He was my first actual boyfriend that I've loved. I think true love does exist in my opinion.

It's been several months since we broke up and I keep thinking to myself I'll never be with anyone else. I probably won't end up back with him either. It won't work. And yet these dreams...always have us together or me searching for him. I'm not sure I want to deal with it. I really don't want to.
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Well, I just started dating this one guy about a month ago.. And I never thought I would like him as much as I do for my young age. For the past 3-4 days I've been continuously having different dreams about him. Last night I had a dream that his mother invited me to Lexington with them and then on the way there I fell asleep on his shoulder. 

But I've had dreams about him continuously and I really do think its because they fell asleep thinking about you or vise versa, or it could be that you are worried about something with them or really need to tell them something.

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I know the feeling. I've had the same dream for the past 3 months of the guy I like,  over and over, every night. But what I don't get is he's my best friend. But I've liked him about 8 months now.

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If you have unfinished business with the person, there is a probability that he/she may come over and over again in your dreams. Unfinished talks, relations and emotions lead to dreaming about them. No matter how much you convince your conscious mind, the subconscious still sticks onto it and this leads to dreams. Try dealing with it by talking to the person. If the person is not willing, try writing it down on anonymous blogs where you know someone reads it but never knows you. Because what happens between two people should remain between two people!

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I have the same problem... It was my first love but things between us somehow ended unresolved. We had so many break ups and as many times we got together again. At the end I broke it off and never spoke to him again. He moved to Athens I moved to US (we are both from other country in Europe). We both moved on with our lives- I finished college and currently working, he had a kid and got married. Last year my sister told me he got divorced. Ever since I keep thinking about him and the most torturous thing is even when it's completely off of my mind I keep dreaming about him. I'm in pain every time I wake up and realize it was only a dream. I guess I won't be needing any interpretation to my dream, lol. I just don't know what to do- we live in a different continents, I have no idea if he is thinking about me- no one wants to be the "crazy" one you know. He doesn't have any Fb where I can reconnect with him.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Realizing your first love was your only one 10 years after is not the best thing to happen. I still have this longing inside me and I'm not sure if it's due to our lack of closure if I truly do love him still and things will work out between us this time :(

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