Do the holy books of any religions specifically mention the dinosaurs or the planets?


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The word dinosaur wasnt used but giant beasts wAS USED

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And you feel confident that this was in relation to what we now know as dinosaurs?
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No...its just that these beasts no longer exist.but neither does the giant sloth
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Not that I can recall. The planetary exception, of course, comes in references to the astrologers of old -- particularly the three who followed "a star" to find the baby Jesus.

About the time of his birth there was a conjunction of a couple of planets (I think it was Mars and Venus, though Mercury might have been in there too) which occurs only once every so many centuries. (My source was a 1987 lecture at the Melbourne Museum's planetarium but the astronomer was jealous that somebody would copy his lecture and refused to allow notes or recordings, so I'm a bit vague.)

And, although this is not a holy book, the Zoroastrians have dated their religion from the ruins of  an excavated fire temple (that's a whole subject of its own). One of the walls showed a picture of the night sky and, when the position of Polaris was measured against the other stars, it was seen to have been in a significantly different place, thus allowing them to date its carving. You'd think carbon dating would have been easier, but that's their story.

As for dinosaurs? Nah. The ancients had no knowledge of such things so they couldn't write about them.

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