How Many Times Is The Word Holy Spirit Mentioned In Old Testament?


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Three times= Psalms 51:11 Isaiah 63:10 Isaiah 63:11.
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The old testament the Spirit came on people and left at times in new testament when we recieve Christ into our spirit we are then sealed with the Holy Spirit forever

Remember when samson was annointed by the Holy Spirit, and then fell into sin , you know the story...The scripture says and Samson (wist not) the H. Spirit had departed from him
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Actually the word Holy Spirit is used 3 times, The bible also calls him ( Spirit of the Lord) The Spirit, In Genesis during Nimrods endeavors scripture says Let US go down and confuse their language, (Let Us) refers to Jeh. The Son, Holy Spirit. God, when sending a wind on children of Israel to blow in food ect. Was the Spirit. (The angel of the Lord ) standing before Joshua and Abraham was a old testament appearance of Christ. Just a free ones

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