What Is The Nature Of The Relationship Between A Cancer Man And An Aries Girl?


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These two have the potential to have a great relationship together!

Cancer guy and Aries girl...

  • The Cancer man knows how to enjoy life and how to achieve his ambitions - although he goes about this quietly and discreetly.
  • He will cherish the passion and love she can give him, and will repay her with unquestioning loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Sometimes, he can be too sensitive for her and can be offended be the less-than-tactful nature of the Aries woman.
The Aries woman is a very different person, but this can work to mutually benefit the relationship.

  • The Aries girl is loving and adorable, which the Cancer man cherishes.
  • She is hard-working, serious and ambitious. The Aries woman will give her all to anything she feels passionately about.
  • She is also very impulsive and as a result has the potential to tackle obstacles without thinking them through first - which does not always serve her well.
These two can make a very good couple, but they may need to compromise on the little things. The fire sign of Aries and the water of Cancer means that they can perfectly complement each other, but it could also mean they don't mix at all!

My advice would be that if you want this match to work, then it will. Just be prepared to compromise here and there.

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