I'm A Cancer Female And I'm In Love With A Sagittarius Boy. Is Our Marriage Possible?


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Yes! Star signs shouldn't be used to decide who you do or do not fall in love with or who you decide to marry. Some people use them as a quick way to gauge if two people are easily compatible, which can be useful when you're starting a new relationship.

The Cancer woman and the Sagittarius man is a match which has many differences, but in time these can be used as a way of mutually benefitting each partner and can help the relationship as a whole. If they are both willing to accept these differences then they have the potential to form a very solid bond.

Cancer girl and Sagittarius boy
  • The Cancer girl is adept at providing the Sagittarius boy with the advice and guidance that his life needs. Sagittarians have the potential to get carried away with their thoughts and actions, and the Cancer woman can always be there to ground him.
  • A Sagittarius man can help free the Cancer girl from the set boundaries she has placed upon herself, and he can help her feel more of a free spirit.
  • As their relationship blossoms the Cancer girl becomes more open and secure about herself and the Sagittarius man becomes more reliable and stable.

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