How do you become an atheist?


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I think I was born that way and I never had any religion shoved down my throat as a child so I was lucky then ...that's all I have to say about that.

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Atheism is simply the position of no belief in deities. Becoming atheist is to consciously dismiss or disavow claims of god-based faiths. There are no set doctrines nor common belief practices among atheists beyond that. 

"Atheism leaves a man to sense, to natural piety, to laws, to reputation; all of which may be guides to an outward moral virtue, even if religion vanished; but religious superstition dismounts all of these and erects an absolute monarchy in the minds of men." -Sir Francis Bacon

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Darik Majoren
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I find it fascinating that regardless of us being born as atheist . . with respects to whatever belief system that is adopted all others become that of unbelief . . . in this alone we are all Atheists . . . the True Atheist just goes just one "God belief" further.
Call me Z
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Welcome Dark:Seems pretty easy to dismiss that last deity in the light of all the false deities that came before, absent any new corroboration.
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LOL!  It's not like you have to sign papers or graduate from atheist school.  Just worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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You don't "become" an atheist. You weigh all the options, read the Bible a few times, decide if you have faith in the unknown or believe in concrete scientific evidence.

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Call me Z
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Or the Koran, the Pentateuch or the Vedas. All based on the same evidence.
Ancient Hippy
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Very true Z.
Dur Duric
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Read all of those religious crap books. Ended up in mental hospital. And still no answer from the transcendence.
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"How do you become an atheist?" Actually do a REAL study of the bible (this only applies if you are referring to a former christian). Which is how I became an atheist. Compare it to actual evidence.

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Dur Duric
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Did. And there is no point to believe in something transcendent. Things just happen, you have no control over phenomena.
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Go hang around in a Combat zone for a few months and see all the misery and pointless death and then decide if you believe or not !

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Atheism is our natural state.

We were all born atheists but were taught by well-intentioned parents that there's a guy-in-the-sky who grants wishes and we learned religion along with all our other prejudices.

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Darik Majoren
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"at least they haven't been shying away from the burden of proof, as you seem to be doing. " . . . as I stated before, assertions to the supernatural is has the burden fall to the claimant.
It would be like me telling you that invisible pixies create planets and hold the earth together . . . the burden is NOT on you to prove they do not exist . . . another apologetics fail.
Walt O'Reagun
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Dark - I think if you read what she said here:

"It's also false that theists haven't offered any evidence/arguments in support of God's existence. They've been doing that for a long time."

You'll see the "verbal switch". She lumps in "arguments" with "evidence", though they are not the same (as I know you know). Evidence implies scientific proof ... while arguments may be based on opinion and conjecture.

Which, yes, theists have long offered "arguments" that God exists - even though they have offered no "evidence".
Darik Majoren
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True -
"It's also false that theists haven't offered any evidence/arguments in support of God's existence."
This is actually two separate statements:

"It's also false that theists haven't offered any arguments in support of God's existence." - This is True, as theist offer arguments all the time in support of God. These arguments are based on their BELIEF in God being "True" as apposed to having ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of God being "True".

"It's also false that theists haven't offered any evidence in support of God's existence." - This is not False, it is True . . Evidence has NOT been offered in proof of God . . . and an "argument from ignorance" does not constitute "Evidence".

As in a statement like "There are trees, birds, rivers and air that you breath, therefore God created all of it . . . " - This is not evidence, but an argument from ignorance.
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Realistically, as a Catholic Christian, my impression---based on trading numerous dialogues with atheists on here is that they find a lack of belief in any gods as the best explanation of their experiences so far on earth.

As a fellow human who has come to a different conclusion, I'm not that different---it's just that I think the existence of the Abrahamic God best explains both all the suffering and all the good in the world.

Personally, I think studying the bible does little to help anyone to come to a conclusion about the existence of God. 

Why?--- because if you don't think that the the bible is "the word of God" it makes very little sense overall.  If you do think it is "the world of God" then you don't expect it to make total sense until you are with Him in the next mode of existence where you have the retrospective vision that we call "20-20 hindsight."

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We are all born as Atheist. The cultural traditions of the of the region you are born INTO, is what determines the indoctrination you will be subject to.

Your belief system depends on those indoctrinations imparted on you in your youth. When you get to be around age 12, you begin to explore and question what is being told to you against logic and reason you have started forming about the world in which you live. You compare and contrast those things taught to you as part of tradition as "Truths" or simply part of your inherited culture.

If you are lucky enough to be born into an atheist family, you are hopefully taught to explore and accept the world around you in a more natural way.

Some of us have to find our way back from the mental clutter imparted on us by those we love and trust . . . It is usually the very pursuit of knowledge, regarding the religion you are indoctrinated, which makes the strongest case for UNBELIEVABILITY. You will find it often steals from other older belief systems and contradicts itself at many turns. This was the case for myself and a great many other Atheist I know.

It took a few years for my full transition from Theist to Atheist. It is truly enlightening and a joyful journey now.

It important to note that Everyone is an Atheist in respect to believing certain deities  . . . there are several hundred different Gods or Goddesses that ALL choose NOT to believe in . . Atheist go just one more God past that.

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Didge Doo
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You said it better than me. I was feeling a bit lazy.
Debbie Harrington
Lucky to be born into an atheist family, I don't see that as luck
Darik Majoren
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Well of course you wouldn't . . . now.
You've already been indoctrinated to a certain mindset . . . the same as a Hindu person is indoctrinated to believe in the Gods THEIR family worship and pray to . . . with "Surprisingly" the same results to such worship and prayer . . . as you.
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You simply never open yourself up to the big picture. You embrace the concept of ignorance is bliss and make it yours. It's your choice to believe or not. It's your choice to live your life the way you please. It's your choice to turn from God. You become an atheist by choice.

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Darik Majoren
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An (ALL) Atheist will support the evidence, hence why that is ANOTHER reason we do not make the claim "God doesn't exist".
Please feel free to validate your claim, and you will have another believer join your cause . . . you cannot and that is why you NEED faith to maintain your belief. This is the box you choose to reside in. If Death is the only way you can think determine the concept of God to be true or not, then that is completely on you . . . what's funny, is you still have to disregard ALL OTHER concepts of God until death . . . then hope you had it right. Yes, this means you say "There is no OTHER GOD/GODS" . . the very thing you accuse me of.
Darik Majoren
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I would like to say "This is as simple as I can make things" . . regarding the clearest description, but I have done this . . made it this simple before.
So, that either means you inept or clearly dubious in your intent . . . either way you lose yet again.
Tom  Jackson
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Oh, I see the problem---you say you are an atheist, but you are really an agnostic.

Now everything you say makes sense.

It's not right, but at least it makes sense.
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You don't "become" an atheist.  If you think you are an atheist, you are an atheist. 

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Call me Z
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Of one abandons or renounces their theist religion in favor of nonbelief, they can "become" atheist. Though a case might be made that they may never have truly believed.
Cookie Roma
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Or that they are denying their true beliefs
Darik Majoren
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I know I went through a transitional phase of becoming an atheist . . and many of us whom were theists find that indoctrinated belief system not so easily shrugged off . . . We often don't wake up as something else . . . it is a de-conversion that can take years.
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So if I become an Atheist, there is no secret handshake, or arcane rituals at midnight during the dark of the moon?  No newsletter, or potlucks.  Forget about it - it sounds like the Methodists have more fun.

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Easy by never seeking the God,atheist judge God without ever giving him a chance to prove himself, therefore they will be judged using the same measure that they used to judge him.

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Tom  Jackson
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@Debbie Harrington

If truth involves "all that exists," I would consider it by its very nature to be "broad."

And pride can be unbecoming to a believer and it seldom masks true humility in that believer.

The "hound of heaven" apparently was involved with your finding Him, but not all atheists have to hit "rock bottom" and/or have anyone "hounding them to form a satisfying intellectual understanding of reality.

Let's not forget that we believers are aware of the roll that faith may play in our beliefs.

As to the "truth," there is nothing that you can say to compel belief---in pretty much anything.
Call me Z
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@Tom - ...or dispel belief... for that matter.

Btw, nice reference- Hound of Heaven.
Are you familiar with the Francis Thompson poem?
Tom  Jackson
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Yes---worth point out specifically.

Not "familiar," but I did read it since I came to Blurtit. I don't remember how I came across the phrase---It may well have been in one of the threads you and I were party to on here.


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