What Is An Atheists?


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An atheist is one who believe there is no God, nor any other gods
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Not necessarily. What you have described is a positive atheist. He that has a positive belief that no deity or set of deities exist. The vast majority of atheists are a little more realistic, and are negative atheists. The negative atheist lacks a belief in the existence of any deity or set of deities.

Your description means that an atheist MUST have faith to believe that there are no gods, but this is just as ludicrous a position as holding the belief that there is a god of any description.
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An atheist is someone who does not believe in god-beings. It is of course perfectly possible not to believe in that silly collection of folk tales of a self-important tribe of shepherds which is known as The Bible, without being an atheist. Muslims don't, for instance, nor do Hindus or Buddhists.
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The term atheist is a broad and varied one. Not even the worlds greatest lexicons concur on the meaning. That said, should you ask an informed atheist, the answer you will most likely hear is that an atheist is 'someone that lacks a faith in the existence of any deity or set of deities'.
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An atheists is a stupid confused person that will die and go to hell!
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Someone who does not beleive in the existence of God or gods.

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