What's An Atheist?


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It is someone who doesnt believe in god
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A person who doesnt believe in god
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Someone who refuses to believe in God.
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Reilly Runnels
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Refuses? That kinda makes it sound as though the Christians have a case for the existence of God, and we, atheists, just refuse there is evidence, but whatever.
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Some atheists have good lives; and some don't. Perhaps hey have found a spirituality/philosophy that works for them. 5000 years ago people either believed in multiple Gods (paganism) or nothing at all. This was before Zoroastrianism; which introduced the idea of only one God. This influenced judaism which influenced Christianity (darn it-just burned my pizza!) and finally Islam.
So before Zoroastrianism we were either Pagan or atheists.
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What's an atheist? Someone who does not believe in God, or Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
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A person that doesn't believe in gods.
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"Theist" is the belief of a god(s)

"A" is the lack of

Atheist is the lack of belief of a god(s)

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A non-believer in THE CHRIST, a worshiper of the world who believes that all creations are manifested by man and not by GOD.
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The word translates as "without god". An atheist is someone that doesn't believe in any supernatural mumbo jumbo. In other words, they have good sense.
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Atheism : - The delusional state in which one thinks all of matter came from nothing by nothing and for nothing in the form of something which was from nothing. I hope this wraps things up.
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Someone who is lost and confused and just feels like giving up, the one who does not think there is someone there to help, when lost in a hay stack of confusion. The one who thinks being a rebel and a badass is the only route, the one who has not got proper learning in Christ. My friend who thought everything was just ment to be and took the dangerous route which ended his life. Miss you so much, R.I.P Dante S.

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