What is the relationship between faith and love in Christianity?


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Just because you have faith in something, doesn't mean you love it or that it loves you.  You can take the existence of love on faith - but even according to the Bible, Love is shown through acts. 

So that begs the question - how is "love" demonstrated by allowing a child to behave in self-destructive ways?  Hmmmmmmmm.

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Very good question, but as difficult to answer as to explain how a mystic prays.

Your question is specific to the relationship of faith and love in Christianity, so the first link below gives you a place to start.

To really understand the relationship between the two, you must be both a Christian and a lover.  (Basic principle: First you are and then you act (Aristotle).

The second two links indicate why the answer to this question will entail for you---and me---a lifetime journey.

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It's difficult to recognize something,

that's not a part of you.

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But that would mean that if you do recognize it then see it or not it must be part of you. I know my Faith and I see the Love that it leads me to so that qualifies -- for me -- as being part of me.

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