What Is The Difference Between Christian And Muslim Fasting?


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Muslims fast during Ramadan. Nothing should pass their lips, liquid or solid, from sun up till sundown. It is to remind them of the poor and hungry. As far as I'm aware, Christians don't fast. They give up something for Lent, but that's not the same as fasting.
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Christians fast. Fasting means "doing without" (however and how long the Holy Spirit leads you). Some Christians are led to do a complete fast (no food or water) for days and the Holy Spirit sustains them. It allows them to hear the One True God (Jesus Christ) clearer and it opens the door for the move of God within their life where just "praying" and "giving" is not enough.
Christians don't announce that they do it because it is biblical to let only Father God see you and He will reward you. (Matthew 6:18)  That is why people don't think Christians fast.
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I'm not sure about muslims fasting but I think they only fast meat and eat vegetables, and my church (christian) is fast anything you can sacrife to god for usually 40 days and if you can't do it for 40 days then you set your number of days and sacrife anything
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Muslims don't eat or drink ANYTHING when they fast, not even water. Once the sun has gone down they can eat and drink, but generally they can't eat much after a day of nothing - it tends to make your stomach shrink.
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The point is..."Sacrifice" to remember how Jesus sacrifice for you so you can be with God in heaven.

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