Is convincing people that you are Gods chosen people a good way to control the world?


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I think we're all God's chosen people.  Best for all of us to just try to control ourselves .. It really works better that way.

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The key word here is 'convincing'. Never gonna happen. What the heck do you think ISIS is all about? It isn't working too good for them.

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Perry Nuttal
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But hasn't The State of Israel convinced America and other western nations that they are Gods people that they should own lands in Syria, Palestine, Iraq?
Ancient Hippy
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No, they haven't convinced anyone other than themselves.
Perry Nuttal
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haven't we sent soul-diers to Iraq, and haven't we bombed Syria?Britain agreed to give Jews Israel in the Balfour declaration.

I have no idea what ISIS is about to be honest, must be this "war on terror" get up, I don't think it's about what we are told though.
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Lets see this has happened before in large scale like hitler and smaller scale jim jones. The outcome was the same for both leaders suicide

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...and suffering for their followers who survived.
Perry Nuttal
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There is no 'good way' to control the world, not that it has ever been possible anyway, least of all through religion. Making the pompous claim of being 'the chosen' will surely galvanize every other faith against you. Remember, every one of us is an infidel to somebody.

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Perry Nuttal
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I agree, but isn't America killing Palestinians on behalf of the State Of Israel over them being Gods chosen people and deserving of their lands because God says so (which in fact he doesn't in the Torah and Bible it says that Jews are in exile by God until the messiah returns.
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Um, no. The US is not killing Palestinians.
Perry Nuttal
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I think this has happened a few times in history, AH brings up the most recent attempt. It was not that long ago that Hitler ran his attempt on world domination, based on the opinion that the German race was the chosen race.

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If "Convincing" is synonymous with "Slaughter those whom don't agree" . . . . Sure.

Fear of death and dismemberment or torture are good motivators for cementing a Myth in people's mind . . . Now, it is Isis, hundreds of years back it was the Holy Crusades, and the Inquisition . . .

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Perry Nuttal
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Well war is profitable Dark Majinn so it certainly benefits someone doesn't it?
Darik Majoren
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Absolutely. It is usually determined to be those that stand on the sidelines far and away from the bloodshed while their coffers hemorrhage with cash.
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Hasn't worked so far, has it?

The problem is that it violates this basic principle:

The human intellect cannot be put in possession of its object by some exterior agent that takes it there.  There is for us no knowledge except our own knowledge, no truth except self-acquired truth.

----AKA:  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

(And killing him if he doesn't really doesn't accomplish your objective.)

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Tom  Jackson
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Well none of my descendants would buy into such a book, or I would think I hadn't been a good father.

(The following is not meant personally---feel free to use "a person" instead of "you.")

If you don't believe that Christ is the Messiah who was promised to the Jewish people (even though they didn't recognize him as that---John1:10-13) then you won't accept that the Old Covenant (the Mosaic Law) was fulfilled.

If you don't think that Christ is the "Word made flesh" (the second person of the Holy Trinity who assumed human nature---John 1:1), the you have no reason to accept the New Covenant that He established.

Christ brought a new reality into the world.

If you read a book and don't know who the author is and why the author wrote it, it's unlikely you are going to be understand what the author was trying to say.

That's why I personally think that reading the Bible as a "non-Christian"---which would of course include the Jews in general with the possible exception of those Jews who are "Jews for Jesus"---and then trying to figure out what it "actually" says and who "actually" physically wrote it and when it was "written" (or when it was "agreed" upon (as to which books it should contain) is pretty much a waste of time.

(More below because I hit the character limit.)
Tom  Jackson
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I thought that the Jews were supposed to be a separate nation because all the other nations were.

Seems to me that the necessity of such a distinction is outdated since we Christians are hardly properly classified "Pagan."

So while your link may make interesting reading, I'm more interested in what Christ thinks about Christianity since He personally established it.

I think I covered everything except this: I was too young to remember the occasion but "On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. U.S. President Harry S. Truman recognized the new nation on the same day." (Internet)
Perry Nuttal
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But we all accept knowledge that we are "taught" today as fact without having examined it for ourselves. So whomever controls that knowledge controls history. So it would be very easy to manipulate peoples fathers and their fathers so on so forth. What better way to control people by writing a book that says you are the chosen people then start a second religion off of that which invites all people in so long as they understand you are the chosen ones.
Where does it say in the bible that Jesus created Christianity?
Where does it say G-d created Jews?
The Jewish Rabbi explained why he doesn't believe Jesus is the messiah and how the NT doesn't fit the Torah, which wouldn't be disimilar to you defending the New Testament by someone saying it said differently to their updated version.
Doesn't the Torah say that Jews are not to return to the holy land until the messiah returns? So why the State Of Israel? Palestine was promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration.

Thanks for your reply Tom and the biblical quotes much appreciated.
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Follow the money.

In god we trust.

You are the god you seek.

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Call me Z
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You sure get a lot of mileage out of that post.
Perry Nuttal
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So you think we are God? Not part of God but individual Gods?
Tom  Jackson
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@Pea Nuts

No one knows what he thinks---or how his mind works (if that's the appropriate word.)

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