Do you know any people that put celebrities and all the worldly things before God?


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I know of many people who don’t believe in any gods, so by default, they put everything else in front of what they don’t believe.

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Sure, but lets be specific . . Which God are you referring to?

I also know people who put all worldly things before Santa, The Easter Bunny, and "Zorg" the magical Space Pixie . . .

The "Worldly things" you refer to are tangible objects we can interact with . . . Like cell phones, Televisions, Cars . . . They require no "Faith" to interact or believe in.

To me, it seems much more odd to believe in unverifiable magic claims, then it does to have actual KNOWLEDGE about the material things we interact with  . . . Daily.

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Yes, God isn't as popular as he use to be. Even more so, they seek to be famous themselves through facebook, twitter etc as Aleister Crowley said "Everyone's A Star." 

Vanity, devils favourite sin :)

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“The occult mysteries have been around since tge beginning if civilisation. However, what I see in the media, music industry and news at the moment is disturbing to say the least and there's nothing pure or good within it.” –
Another wonderful point we agree on. I don’t think anything in Hollywood should ever share a sentence with the words pure or good.
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But to clarify . . . if the opposite is labeled "Evil" it is done so out of Hollywood's harm done to individuals and NOT some magical entity orchestrating a nefarious plot . . .
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“Funny the goat god baphomet is an adrogenous being and all I see at the moment is a push towards gender fluidity and neutrality, I've never seen a generation so confused over labelling itself and where to pee.”
I think we have a generation that has no idea how to handle the information handed it. We have far too many confused children that still have forming brains . . . my youngest wanted to dress as a super hero when he was 4. Not just any super hero, but Wonder Woman . . . We let him, and he ran around the room jumping and fighting bad guys in a glittery one-piece girl’s bathing suit, with a long black wig . . . Next year, he was dressing up as a vampire slayer, with a leather trench coat, sunglasses, boots, a sword and a cross . . . my uncle was born a girl that had far more male hormones coursing through her body then female. Although, she had the female genitalia, she also had a flat hairy chest as a teenager . . . . She found he sexual orientation to be towards women . . . She became my uncle and married my aunt. Happily married for 35 years with an adopted daughter . . .
What’s also funny is that many of God’s angels are depicted as androgynous as well . . . but Baphomet is more shocking and serves to scare people.
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Q "Do you know any people that put celebrities and all the worldly things before God?"

It is people who make the celebrities and then they idolise them, will nearly do anything for them or to be like them and even almost worship them. They wouldn't be celebrities if people didn't turn them into celebrities in the first place. People can be strange.

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I do. They are from the vain world. Glamour is the ultimate at any cost. 

Further, Glamour is there God and the God demands are of drinks, drugs and sex to attain oneness with God.

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People find their "Purpose" where they will . . . if vanity be their purpose, then so be it. There is no other power calling them to some other purpose . . . .
We may see this as a waste, just as they may see me raising two boys in a happy family, as a waste.
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The Bible says it's easier for a camel to go thru a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. That's bcuz ppl put money before God.

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Bible been written and rewritten to suit fanatics to pick on gullibles, there are parasitic elements make comfy living in the name of god and the book.

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