Is it possible to meet actual people you know or knew in your dreams?


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Amelia Franklin answered
I don't really know the answer to your question, but I do know this - you can only see people in your dreams that you have seen in the real world. Your imagination is not advanced enough to come up with its own person. You may not think you have ever seen them before, but it could be the bus driver from your last trip into town, or that guy selling hot dogs on the street.This probably doesn't help, but I thought it was a cool fact:)
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Andrew Evil answered
No, dreams are nothing more then thoughts when you are sleeping.
If you could then there would be people all over talking to each other in their sleep.
I tried to get a chicks phone number when I was sleeping once and realized I was in a dream. But it did not work. :-P
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No not at all.... It is Impossible
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Namey McNamepants
I didnt mean like physically i meant like if you could mentally connect or something. And no that was not helpful at all.
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I am pretty sure that meeting someone in a dream isn't possible because human beings aren't exactly known for their telepathic abilities (and dream-mesh technology doesn't exist).
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Well if you see people like stars on your dreams then it may happen that you can meet them, but if you see random people you dont know then it may happen that you meet them, but mostly it is not done in our life.
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Oh, thats kind of depressing for me, because i dont know know my crushs name and i i had a dream that it was kyle.

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