Why Did The Jews Kill Lambs The Night God Sent His Last Plague Upon Egypt In His Effort To Cause Pharaoh To Free The Israelite/Jews/Hebrew Slaves?


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The Hebrews followed God's command as told them by Aaron and Moses. The command was that if they did not want their first born child to die that night that they must kill a lamb (later the Bible called Jesus, "The Lamb of God) and paint the blood of the lamb onto the door posts, both sides and top, so the death angel would not stop at the house.

The people were told that on a certain date they were to kill an unblemished and perfect lamb, put the blood on the doorpost, boil or roast the lamb and eat it along with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. It was called the Feast of Unleavened Bread for all the years that Judaism has been practised by "God's Chosen People."

They were also told to only invite God's circumcised men and their families to eat the feast, not break any bones nor eat any of it outside the house, and they did as God told them through His representative, Moses.

Exodus 13-14
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God commanded them to kill the lams and spread the blood on the door post of their home because this was the night of deliverance and when the Angel of death would pass over Egypt.
The blood represented the blood which Jesus was to shed on the Cross of Calvary and is to be in the heart of all His children.
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So that when the Angel of Death came it would passover all the houses that had lambs blood on the door. The angel would see that a death had already taken place there and not kill the eldest son in the family.
Hope that helps, Georgia xxx

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