Why do different people have better lives, better looks and more money than other people? Didn't God want us all to be equal in happiness...why do some people have it easier?


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"God" doesn't come into the equation.  It depends on how lucky you were in selecting your parents. You'll not only inherit their DNA you'll inherit their social standing and, indeed, the society you were born into.

About 80 years ago a very clever man named Ogden Nash put it this way:

I'm an ordinary figure in these democratic states,
A pathetic demonstration of hereditary traits.
As the children of the cops possess the flattest kind of feet
And the daughter of the floozie has a wiggle in her seat,
My position in the basement of society I owe
To the qualities my parents bequeathed me long ago.
Now, my father was a married man, and what is even more
He was married to my mother, a fact that I deplore
I was born in holy wedlock, consequently bye and bye
I got rooked by every bastard with plunder in his eye.
I invested, I deposited, I voted every fall
Did I ever get a penny saved, those bastards took it all.
Well, at last I've learned my lesson, and I'm on the proper track
I'm a self-appointed bastard, and I'm gonna get it back.

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While we can guess at which version of God you hold dear, it can be said that all versions hold your praise and obedience as more important; your happiness (at least in this material world) is left to you. Even God can't tell you what makes you happy.

That said, neither wealth nor beauty is any guarantee of happiness, both have their own sets of problems. Happiness comes from within, only YOU can determine what yours is and if you have attained it. 

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Maybe God is willing to control things, but can't, which would make Him impotent; 

Maybe God can control things but isn't willing to, that would make Him complacent; 

Or maybe He IS controlling things, which would make Him evil. 

Is it more likely He doesn't exist at all, which would explain things even better.

Either way dont waste another breath waiting for a fable. Your happiness is YOUR concern.

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Tom  Jackson
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One of my theology professors commented many years ago that theology was not a good subject for self study.

He may have been referring to the tendency of us humans to ride off in all directions when we don't know where we are going.

Which makes me think that we have difficulty knowing whether the destination we have reached has any value besides eventually (perhaps) figuring out we've been using a broken compass.

Perhaps if there is a God, we just don't have the capacity to fully understand how He works.

I certainly wouldn't be interested in a God that the most intelligent human being in existence could actually figure out---that wouldn't be much of a God..
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Tom Jackson- I considered your comment at length and wish to raise some points here.
As to understanding God, that is the whole point isnt it? Not understanding. Understanding has never been the intent, only acceptance and obedience. We think back to the long past when laypeople werent permitted to read or even possess scripture. It had to be interpreted for them by self-appointed intermediaries -like your theology professor for example- to impart their biases and be accepted on faith. Faith, of course, is personal admission of not wanting to understand, or to think or examine evidence, as Richard Dawkins has said. If it were understandable, I dare say even coherent, it would defeat the true purpose of all religion:

Empowerment of clergy.

I am no neophyte to this arena, I have come by way of stepping back from the spell of belief to see what God is, what it has become- an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance. No disrepect intended, you seem a bright fellow, but the essence of this question understanding divinity, which its ancient originators never intended, in order to sustain the all-too-necessary mystery. I thank you for your thoughtful comment.
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Some astute observations here, Toxic. The Dawkins reference I find particularly well placed.
You're right, Tom is a bright fellow, and one can see you are as well. Welcome.
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There will ALWAYS be people with more than you, just like there will always be someone with less than you.

I just saw on the news where 36,000 children are in the middle of another war in the Middle East. They've lost their siblings and parents and have nowhere to go, and some are just babies. They are covered in blood.

Also, how do you know those with more than you have it easier? You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

If you have a roof over your head, 3 changes of clothing and eat 2 meals a day, you are better off than more than half of the world's population.

What you see in movies and social media with all those rich people are either lies or 1% of the population.

But if you don't like it , get an education, don't drink alcohol or do drugs and make a better life for yourself. 

Sorry not to sympathize but many of us have been what is considered poor and we did just fine. There's a different between a WANT and NEED.

Oh and there is no one in charge of this but you.

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Some people were born more fortunate than others and that's the harsh reality of it. God wants you to work your way to success not sit back and watch other people have it all.

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I got the looks but im poor so you cant have both, ps i use to have the looks now im old and decrepid

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Dear Annabelle Porter,

If you would kindly permit me, I would like to suggest that your question contains an assumption that is flawed...and the inaccurate assumption is, that better lives better looks and more money somehow correlate with happiness.

* * *

Well yes I do think happiness IS the purpose of life...but I would suggest that happiness is to be found more in this direction:

...by playing the hand life deals us to the full depth, breadth and reach that we are capable of.

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You are the god you seek.

Free will. All the choices are yours.

You can help each other or you can kill

each other. It's all up to you.

So make it a good one. One you will be proud of.

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Why do different people have better lives, better looks and more money than other people? 


Because of inborn talents and environmental influences that vary for one area and individual to another.

Gods have nothing to do with it as they are imaginary. Some will have it easier and some will have it harder but all have some influence on their outcomes in life. We are not ruled by gods or fate.

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Money and looks have nothing to do with it. Trust me, you are talking to the guy that missed the looks and the money train. My brother got the looks and the money, but I'll wager I am far happier than he is. Happiness is about being content and learning to work with what you already have. I won my wife over with a caring heart and $10. True story, my friend. You already have what you need to be happy, you just need to use it.

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I know there are many belief systems that profess they know what God is thinking at any given moment .. I believe God provided the earth and the sustainance  within it.  Like any parent, He provided many things for all life forms .. In the end .. It is up to US to utilize the bounty we've been gifted to its fullest capacity.. We as human race have been provided with everything that would sustain life AND  comfort .. But .. We have been foolish, greedy and wasteful not to mention destructive and toxic .. If you want to lay blame, then lay blame where blame is due .. On our shoulders .. Not God's.

Over and above the damage we have inflicted on this rock, we have to remember that nature is nature. It is many things. It is cruel, it is beautiful, it is resourceful, it is self healing, it is destructive and consuming .. That is what God provide for us .. He had never promised that we would be spoon fed for eternity .. Clearly. 

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God gave us all free will, that is how we are equal. Look, lives and money are all what you make of that free will. If you don't like something about your life, than work for the change. 

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