How Do You Determine The Meaning Of Dress In The Bible?


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It is sad today, that in a society, people in the church are afraid of what people might think as to the outward appearance. I understand the concern. I used to attend a holiness church, and that is all they preached on was how one was dressed. I believe they preached about how they wanted their congregation to look so as to look holy. But there were honest and sincere people. I don't attend a church just to be relaxed and comfortable. You should respect God, His word, and the church you attend. Don't get me wrong, it does say to dress moderately as professing godliness. You should follow your convictions. Even if in a very liberal church that doesn't have any dress code per se. We need to remember also that the dress in each culture and era were different than today. Is that an excuse to just dress however we want. No. As i mentioned earlier, we should follow the guidelines as God shows us through our convictions. Thank you for the question.
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The  Bible is concerned with our spiritual relationship with God and stories are sometimes true and sometimes teaching parables.  There are many laws in the "Old Testament" to which people no longer adhere.  We don't keep Kosher kitchens.  We don't have separate dishes for  meat  so that vegetables or milk products will never be on that plate.    I think the rules concerning dress were for  that time when it was unthinkable for men and women to dress similarly.  I think today the interpretation is more about the role of men and women.   
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Your answer is well received and great for my bible study. Thanks. Lots of things we read really has no bearings on our eternity, but it sure is interesting history. Thanks!
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I think the bible contains many rules which were important to the culture of the time. However when i meditated upon your question this is what i was given. Women were not to wear priestly garments, and take on the weapons of war. Women were in a particularly vulnerable position back then. I think this was god's way to keep the children out of harms way.
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That scripture tells me I shouldn't wear a mans clothes like a mans ; hat,shoes,coat,tie,vest,shirt,turban,suit or scarf,nor should I act like a man,when in that time they wore almost the same type of clothing,only women wore loose fittied leggings under their robes,and men girded themselves,which meant they wrapped up the vessels,so as not to expose themselves,by the way they sat on the ground,
besides the bible also tells you to come as you are,so we don't need to change for church the change comes by the knowledge of learning what to change.
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Your answer is we accepted and will be studied more in my study. Thanks for answering!

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