Why do some religious people feel that their religion makes them better than other people, particularly Atheists?


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To be honest, it's mostly "Christians" and atheists that do that.  Atheists because they think Christians are morons, and "Christians" because the vast majority of them are self righteous hypocrites.

Now, the "Christians" I'm talking about are just regular people who go to Church on Sundays and call themselves Christian.  "Christian" is merely a title for them.  They aren't real Christians and they don't even know what a real Christian is, hence the quotation marks. (like the first two "Christian" commenters, for example).

I'm willing to bet that you've never even seen a real Christian in your life.  Mostly because we're a rare breed and you can't find us in Churches.  All the "Christians" in Church now days are exactly like everyone else in the world.  There's nothing that separates them from the others because they've been corrupted and want to fit in and be accepted by everyone else.  The REAL Christians are the ones who preach the stuff in the Bible that Churches won't even whisper of.  They're the ones who get kicked out of Churches because they preach the truth.  I should know; my family has been kicked out of several Churches for nothing more than saying what's in the Bible.  I doubt you would understand though, because in the same way that only a mechanic knows what a dual overhead camshaft is, only a Christian can see the hugely important, yet seemingly minute differences, within their religion among themselves.

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I'm a Christian and I'm not very religious, I just have faith in my Christian beliefs. But yes, its quite annoying when super religious people think they're better than everyone. And that's not a sign of being religious. Thats a sign of being narcisstic.

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I agree with you. I do not judge any one's religion I just don't get involved with someone who's into satanism. I rather keep my religious views as "Spiritual semi Christian "

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Good question .. And simply put .. Probably for the same reasons some Athiests (or any thiest, for that matter) believe THEY are better than those who are religious believers.  Seems each have very compelling arguments and feel the other is completely wrong in terms of what to believe and what not to believe.

Then there are those who believe what they want to believe but also believe anyone and everyone .. No matter WHAT catagory they fit into .. Can believe what THEY choose to believe.

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I agree with you. I do not judge any one's religion I just don't get involved with someone whose into satanism. I rather keep my religious views as "Spiritual semi Christian "

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I think there are lots of reasons that that religious activity might fill a person with a sense of pride, which is ironic really as religion isn't really intended to that effect. I'm sure all religions have set modesty as a primary aim.

When you write "particularly atheists", I assume you mean, as part of the group who are looked down upon. Rather than part of the group who do the looking-down-upon-others. (Which is how I preferred to read the title!).

My top 3 reasons for why people with beliefs might look down on others is: 1) religion is a constant reminder that others out there might not be as nice. 2) religion is confirmation of ones inner most self and right to be here. 3) when one is reading one's religion one is normally reading something which tallies with ones innate feeling about how the world structured in reality which is an ego-boost. One thinks "others believe in this and this is how I feel" or "lots of people agree with me and also place value on what happens to be my feeling about things".

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Science flies you to the moon.

Religion flies you into buildings.

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Taylor Brookes
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Its unfortunate that that is true.
Darik Majoren
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"Just like
science does NOT fly all believers in science to the moon
religion does NOT fly all believers in religion into buildings. "

Excellent observation Thomas . . . very well said.
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An older question, but always worth a comment.

I'm a Catholic, but that has little to do with whether or not I am accurately judged as a good (better, best---pick your degree) human being than anyone else for any reason.

The only advantage I might have is that if God exists, I have a more complete understanding of the actual nature of reality.

And then, if you agree that one's judgment is only as good as one's information, then my judgments (if I follow through properly) might be more harmonious with reality.

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So let’s break it down a bit.
“God’s Chosen People” . . . This doesn’t just pertain to the Jewish people, but many believers, regardless of denominations, believe this to be true.

“If you are not for God, you are against God.”  . . . Again regardless of denominations, Many (not all) believe this to be a creed regarding spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:11-13 – 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.

This “Spiritual Warfare” is a common place sermon amongst a large expanse of Denominations . . . Particularly indoctrinated to the youths, in understanding that things that do no glorify God, are not OF GOD, and are often used by Satan to bring them down spiritually. In this, other people who either have different religions or have no religions are considered to be minions of Satan or are blinded by Satan. In this they are considered “Lesser then”. They are not part of God’s Chosen and represent the adversary of God and His Plan.

Add in that “God grants those who follow Him a Discerning mind”  . . . Able to understand and see those things which are spiritual that unbelievers cannot understand. This is a “Tether” to God’s righteousness. Those things done in His name are “Right” or “Correct”, because those who walk with God are Righteous, and able to discern what is REALLY happening.

So you have special Privilege of one who has answered the call (Chosen), you are to take militant action (Spiritually – BUT, here is where the fanatics blur the lines of reality), because you really know and understand more of what is going on in any situation.
When one receives this type of indoctrination, it allows that concept of hierarchy in “who matters more” . . . The chosen believer, or the heathen, a tool of Satan to bring down God’s kingdom.

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Tom  Jackson
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And Good God!---I can't imagine picturing you naked under any circumstances (shudder). I do have an image in my mind of your soul trembling sometime shortly afteer your death, however (shudder again).

As for Matthew 22:14, I am constantly amused when you---as an atheist---pretend to know what every verse in the bible means and to what it refers.

As I recall, it was one of the "up the organization" group of books that listed 3 columns of words. The instructions were to pick one word from each column to put together a phrase that most people would think possibly accurate by virtue of the words themselves.

That's the way you string bible quotes together---sometimes you sound like you know what your are talking about.

And perhaps you do not discriminate "against" all other women as potential mates. You did so when you married your wife, and I presume that you continue to discriminate "against" all other women as potential sex partners.

Or perhaps not---perhaps you are not "against" having other women as sex partners.

Perhaps you would like to clarify that?
Darik Majoren
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Well I would be lying if I was to say I have never considered any other woman to be a sex partner . . . in a healthy male this is natural impulsive tendency . . . the "Fantasy" can remain a fantasy unless one is weak, but then I imagine a few "Our Father" and "Holy Mary's" will maintain your course unto your idea of heaven or "Fantasy Island" . . . maybe you could be Mr. Rourke although the role of Tatu fits your demeanor better.

So no discrimination . .Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Beil, or Kate Beckensale . . . they make for good friends to share a imagination with.

As for Matthew 22:14, it has been used Multitudes of times in MANY denominations of which I have personally witnessed this "Inspired" men of God use . . .
Darik Majoren
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" I do have an image in my mind of your soul trembling sometime shortly afteer your death, however (shudder again)." - Oh is it a ghostly visage like Obi Wan Kenobi?? . . .You do have a good imagination to even drum up an image of non-thing.

You'll stay firmly in your box since you have not offered any alternative to your new Label (Stereotype). You do see how yo confirmed all I had said . . . right?

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