What happens in your dreams?


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I wouldn't know. I sleep an hour or two every few days with the help of sleeping pills, and that's it. My dreams are all nightmares of what I experiance when I'm awake.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
If I didn't know better? I would swear you were a combat veteran.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Hey LTR, hurrah, glad to see you!
Oh...just read your post...sorry for those trauma dreams...
LiftedTruck Redneck
Thanks Virginia, it's good to see you as well. I'm used to it all by now, so I suppose it is what it is.
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My dreams are all over the place and are all quite vivid.  Some are very sweet moments, often from the past; some are amazing like the ability to fly ... A few are terrifying scenes that baffle me.

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That's when your subconscious mind comes out to play. (My subconscious is kinda crazy but my waking mind is fairly normal. Well, as normal as Hippy's anyway.)

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Virginia Lou
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Yes...too much violence in the real world...I typically avoid the books, unless there is some immensely redeeming factor.

Have not heard of Evelyn Anthony either, you are a dedicated bookophile!
Didge Doo
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I think the word you were looking for is bookaholic.
Virginia Lou
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Oh Dozy! Yes...bookaholic...or bibliophile...getting my 'aholics and 'ophiles mixed up!
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Dear Anonymous,

Most dreams are, indeed, the subconscious re-working and processing the events of the day, or its own contents...

However occasionally an archetypal dream will come through, of the quality studied by Carl Jung and others. And those are worth paying attention to, and you can learn to recognize them.

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Dreams are really boring.  Most of my working years were in HR.  More often than not, my dreams consist of me explaining regulations to people.  I am so pathetic!. 

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