What Happens When You Dream About Someone?


5 Answers

Amanda Sincomb Profile
Amanda Sincomb answered
Not really cause My boyfriend had a weird dream about me last night and I really didn't think about him at all.
Katie Sherwood Profile
Katie Sherwood answered
I don't believe it. Because one time I dreamed of my ex and the next day I had asked him if he was thinking about me at all yesterday and he said no.
Namey McNamepants Profile
I like to think that this does happen.
Verrysweet Bee Profile
Verrysweet Bee answered
Depends on the person in the dream and how you are relating to them in dream . Love, danger, money , marriage, business
nothing really happens to a person when you dream about them unless it means danger or warning and even then that is not always the case so analyze your dream.

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