what is the answer to life everything and the universe?


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What was their question?

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Just Ice
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who/what brought us into being?
Call me Z
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That would be one possiblility. I'll wait to hear the universe ask it.
Just Ice
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the world is full of all sorts - there are even people [like scientists, philosophers and the ordinary inquisitive layman] who have nothing better to do than ask such questions on behalf of those incapable of asking for themselves. To cap it all, they then proceed to answer those questions. Nothing better to do indeed, I guess. :) :) :)
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The Answer to "Life and all the Universe" depends greatly upon the question.

Example: If the question is How did LIFE BEGIN, then my answer is "We do not yet know exactly how it began." While there is several hypothesis, we CURRENTLY do not have a way to test these hypotheses.

Example 2: If the question is what is the MEANING of LIFE. We give our lives meaning subjectively.

The Universe need not be lumped into either of these questions.

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Please could you do me a favor?

Think about your question, than

ask it in a different way.

Thank You.

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Tom  Jackson
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If you want to ask a question, do so. Otherwise, just answer the one that is asked---or just skip it.
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I'm with TJ (unusually) on this one.....
Tom  Jackson
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That possibility does always matter how small lol
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Jehovah God is the answer to life and the creation to the universe. Psalms 36:7,9,  "How precious your loyal is,O God! In the shadow of your wings,The sons of men take refuge. With you is the source of life.

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"just because"

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