What do you think the answer to life is?


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I think for each person, that answer is going to be different. For me, it's happiness and love. It's being with the one person who is truly my other half....makes me complete....fills me full of joy with the sound of his voice. So my answer to "life" is him.

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I would say the answer to life is balance.

There is rarely any problem in life that can't be solved through striking some sot of harmonious balance between two opposing things.

For example, if you're having a tough time at work - often it's a sign that you need more downtime to unwind.

Or maybe you need to balance out the challenges you're facing at work by boosting your skill set.

I can think of plenty of other examples where balance is the key:

  • In sports, a winning team is usually balanced between a strong offence and a strong defence.
  • In relationships, when two people's personalities compliment each other - this results in a longterm and successful partnership.

    In fact, I believe a lot of life's problems are often due to our mistaken beliefs that we should be chasing extremes instead of balance.

Body builders are a good example of this.

Athletically, they would be considered very fit. However, in reality their condition is actually quite unhealthy, and often leads to long-term problems.

Rather than chasing extreme highs (winning the jackpot, becoming famous, being really rich), I think we'd all be happier trying to achieve balance:

Not going hungry, but not wasting money.

Not sitting around like a couch potato, but equally not inviting unnecessary cardiac stress from an unsustainable fitness regime.

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Could we have the question? Then you may get the answer.....

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There is no such thing as "the answer" to this question. Since we have a limited amount of time to enjoy it though, I recommend finding out what you enjoy doing and doing that as often as you can. When I was younger and more naive, I used to believe that there would be some sort of map to follow that would be created for us to follow by some higher being. Now, I don't want to come off as a religion-shamer here; far from it. 

My point is, since there is no such thing as "the answer," it would be a good idea to explore new things (if a religious life is right for you, go for it! If not, fret not!). I suppose "the answer" could be that since there is no "answer" all one can do is go on a life-long journey to discover one's purpose.

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I don't really think there is an answer. The answer is what you make of life, how you life your life and what you do while you are living. It's a mind set, choosing to be the best person you can be and one day dying knowing you had a very successful life that you lived. Whether it was adventurous, or being a mom, it is what you make of it.

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