Why do we hue and cry, when we really know that at the end of the day, all amounts to nothing?


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If I am understanding the question correctly then my answer is... Crying is a release of something whether it's pain, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, etc. So actually crying does help sometimes. It's like a pressure valve. If you don't release some of that pressure you will explode one way or another.

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It all amounts to what you put into it and what you consider to be working towards something you PERSONALLY place value on.

For me, there is no "higher Purpose" or destiny. There is no "Fate" or concept of "You were meant to do or be this or that" . . .

We are the makers of our own destiny, by mere focus of will and the path cut into life's pathway by decisions we make to situations and circumstances that befall us. Looking back the path is always clear and seems to have purpose because we assign purpose to it.

If at the end of the day it's all still amounts to nothing then you are doing it wrong . . . Life that is.

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okay, but if i was to live in your worldview, it wouldn't matter the tiniest bit whether or not what I did "benefits some part of my society" it matters ONLY if "in the end [it] means SOMETHING to me"

You see "It could seem like nothing to my peers [or it could seem atrocious to them] . . . but it doesn't have to seem like anything to them . . . because it's something to me . . . right?" THAT, in your own words of explanation, is the only thing that matters in your worldview.

In contrast, a worldview where we do things because they are expected of us from an agreed authority [for example, the highway authority in the case of vehicle drivers] is a worldview in which things run much smoother.
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Regardless of what you assign "Means Something" to, it will always boil down to self.
Whether you are doing it for any authority be it Supernatural or otherwise, self is the guide. Preservation of Self, or Personal Expectation guided by pride . . .
We can dress it up, but in the end the "Something" needs only to matter to you.
IF this is the case, and I believe it is, then it never really can be about nothing . . . .
If my Worldview happens to benefit others, no problem, that would be the icing on the cake . . . . as long as it is SOMETHING to me . . . well thats the cake itself.
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the worldview you're supporting is evidently

a] not viable [anarchy hasn't proved viable anywhere] and

b] TOTALLY and without any exception selfish. In it, one simply couldn't care less about ANY other
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Well, I disagree that "at the end of the day, all amounts to nothing."

So I can't give you a meaningful answer.

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You are correct, if you have no alternative belief, then ultimately everything results in zero, people can only add meaning to something while they exist.  But when the world ends, it's beginning and middle will still have no ultimate meaning, no one to reflect on it, nothing.

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sometimes in life we think our life is bad but there other people with worse problems.

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Almost everybody go through that phase. In spite of having all the comfort mental issues tears them apart. Others may not be endowed, they are happy amid the struggle. At the end all evens out.
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Why do we hue and cry, when we really know that at the end of the day, all amounts to nothing?1 The hue and cry results from our sense of hurt or injustice. If we're totally self-centred then there'll be hue and cry only when we are the victims but if we're concerned about others then there'll be hue and cry no matter who the victim is.

2 If nothing happens then the hue and cry has amounted to nothing, but if there is a reaction to the hue and cry then it has amounted to something.

3 If we're complacent and do not raise any hue and cry then tyranny takes over and rules as it has done for many decades in the case of the Zionists against the Palestinians [see www.ifamericaknew.org] and as it is doing in the case of the Myanmar government against the Rohingyas [see current news on Burma/Myanmar].

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Point 3 is self created with warped notions with zealots provoking and funding the insurgency for their ill conceived personal interest in the name god and religion.
carlos Striker
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Hue and cry raised unwittingly as they may not know the eventuality.
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CS, You're right each case of oppression in "Point 3 is self created" but if there is no hue and cry against it the oppression will continue. The oppressor will be under no pressure to reconsider.

If there had been no hue and cry against the Vietnam war or apartheid South Africa the number of victims in both cases would have been higher

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