Is anybody going to be scared when the end times are coming? like when Jesus is going to come back?


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I have been on this Earth over 50 years. I have been hearing about how the end of times are coming my whole life. I have the same philosophy about it as I do about anything else. If it happens, it happens. I am not going to live my life worrying about the what ifs. I just do the best I can on a daily basis. 

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I have no concern whatever about spurious Christian folklore.

Life is too short to live in fear of forces beyond our control. 

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Call me Z
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You make perfect sense to me, Yin. I am relieved that I can make sense to
you as well.

I have followed the NK story for years, because I find the human tragedy there so compelling. But if your Lord has a such place in your life, keep your eye on what brings you strength you about that. Perhaps you are familiar with the Serenity Prayer.

Its useful to remember that the news is so heavily biased toward the bad news, it isn’t all that useful for building a realistic worldview, anyway.

Candidly, I do find it a little troubling that some would eagerly anticipate the end of the world, and that NK people are left to suffer so, but I keep my own views on why these are so. It works for me, and in the bigger picture, isn’t that what matters?
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I was typing fast, please forgive my grammatical anomolies.
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So very true. I was wondering if I only saw "bad" out there or was I missing something somewhere in the news.
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Not at all.

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No, I'm not frightened by it.  I just count each day as a blessing and look forward to seeing my loved ones on the other side when this life is over.

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No, i believe we are living in the last days.

1.) Look at the Ebola virus that people contacted from a guy who was sick with the virus and came to Texas and was sick , here a nurse from Texas caught the illness , Missionairy's that went to Libera contacted the Ebola virus.

2.) Look at the US Presidential election , we had 2 people running for President that no one liked . Hillary Clinton under investigation from the FBI . Donald Trump spoke his speeches with hate, racist comments etc.

3.) Look at all the shootings taken place such the most recent one in Las Vegas , now this guy had Satan in his heart for killing all them people than he killed himself.

4.) Look in year 2009-2010 H1N1 ( Swine Flu) outbreak was killing people in matter of days,  I believe God is sending another sign right there but people will call it the government conspiracy.

I believe certain ones of us will live to see the second coming of Jesus and i believe it's just matter of time and there is also people who won't be ready but that's their preference that we can't change.

Sure these are signs Jesus is returning but people will all call this bluff well it's not we are living in the last days for sure and as they say Nations will go up against Nations .Look at North Korea could declare nuclear war on the United States in the middle of the night with no one knowing.

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Not worried at all.  If that is when  the rapture happens tho, I will be disappointed.  Most of the people I like will be gone  and the assholes who claim to be Christian will still be here.  I will be so lonely. 

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Matt 6:25 - 34

No point in worrying, it won't add a single second to your life. Tomorrow will come but may, make the most of what you have.

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The earth has been here for Billions of years.

It's not going any where. You are. Just like a child

that grows up in search for another home. Humans will

some day leave there home planet in search of a new home.

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Is anybody going to be scared when the end times are coming?

Well no, and I will tell you why . . . To you, you probably subscribe to the ever expanding and changing story of the Anti-Christ and the great war to end all wars . . . Where everyone will receive the "Mark of the Beast" or be publically executed (this was the popular one when I was a born again believer) . . . Luck you though get to be pulled up out of harms way in the rapture . . . . So many have lived in fear of this event with a similar story waiting to unfold . . .  They have died thinking that it was going to be in their life time . . .  I wonder what the last thought was as their brain shut down and went dark . . .

So, the sun could burn out . . . It could flare and incinerate the earth. A mega-Volcano could erupt and incase the earth enough soot to block out the sun for a enough years to bring about some sort of Ice Age. A large asteroid could eradicate several continents when it hits with the force of several HUNDRED nuclear warheads. We could keep depleting the current cover from radiation we have REAL global warming where we are suddenly unable to go outside because of extreme radiation poisoning from the direct rays of the sun . . . . There are so MANY more ACTUAL End times that are more plausible . . . And in all of those scenarios . . There is no choice (other then the frying in sunlight . . . Seriously reduce your carbon footprint) .

like when Jesus is going to come back?

If you are talking about your Hispanic friend you met on your mission trip to Hondorous . . . I've no idea . . .

According to the Bible, the Biblical Jesus was already supposed to have returned . . . . Could there be parts of the Bible that are untrue . . . . ?

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Tom  Jackson
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Not untrue---just misinterpreted.
Darik Majoren
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Which part, because I am inclined to agree no matter what part you pick.
I happen to think interpretations are many and varied . . . we only differ in assigning truth to any given one.

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