Does Anybody Know When Jesus Christ Is Coming Back To Earth?


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No. I don't believe so
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No, no one knows.  The Bible tells you that no one know the date or the time when Jesus will return, not even the angels in Heaven.  It also says that He will come like a thief in the night, and that doesnt mean it will be night, just that you need to be prepared for His return.  I hope this helps.  May God Bless you in all you do.  
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People have predicted the return of Christ for 2000 years-all were wrong.  Our best source for the truth comes from Jesus Himself. He said no one knows the hour or the day.  One thing is for sure, that it will be within our lifetime, so we all need to be ready.  That means letting Him be the leader of our lives.
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Stewart Pinkerton
Oh right, nobody knowes when he's coming back, biut it's real soon now. They've been saying that for close to 100 years now, far beyond the everage lifetime. When will you guys just admit that the whole thing is just a fiction made up by the Gospel writers?
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Before I answer the question, I have a question for Madmacstew: If the gospel writers just made it all up, why were they willing to die horrific deaths for it? Yes, people will die for something that is a lie - but only if they BELIEVE it is the truth. Why would the gospel writers rather die than admit Jesus' resurrection was a hoax? And how could they ever believe it happened unless it really did?

As far as the timing of Jesus' return to earth, certain events must take place first. The more of these events occur, the closer His return is. The cataclysmic event that will mark "the beginning of the end" (my phrase) or "the beginning of birth pangs" (Jesus' phrase in Matthew 24), which means the end of this age and Jesus' return to rule will occur within a few years, is the the great worldwide earthquake foretold in Revelation 6 starting in verse 12. This will be known as "the end of the world as we know it".

See for logical, easy-to-understand information on the relative timing of Christ's return to earth and the cataclysmic events that will occur leading up to it.
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Only God and Jesus know.

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