When Is The World Going To End?


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The world is gonna end when Jesus comes
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That is the right answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The world will end when jesus comes back to take his true followers! Well after he takes them he will give everybody a second chance but after that their  is nothing you can do! So you want to become a follower of jesus as soon as possible cuz nobody knows when he is coming back! To learn more visit a church near you
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Its going 2 end when god wants it end
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It will take a lot of years dude
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You've got the write answer cause it will end in 2012 cause there was this man who said 2 mountains will fall and that was the twin towers the he said the worlds going to end 2012 so i've got the write answer
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I can't know & I don't care, I don't fear death either. I'm alive right now & I have a life to live, so I'll use this opportunity & will try my best to live it to the fullest & enjoy it with my own terms. Nothing is forever.

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Its never going to end no matter what happens its never going to end
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Blobby1234 Blobby1234
I think you got the wrong answer.
Think about the global warming. The Earth slowly heats up, and if we don't stop it, it's going to explode because it's going to be so hot.
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